Transcript – Science and Planning Graduate Program video

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[Text] Science and Planning Graduate Program

[Image description] Graduates standing and sitting for a posed photo indoors

[Text] Why apply?

[Text] "The program recognised my potential rather than my experience"

[Image description] A group of people including graduates overlooking the St Kilda marina to the Melbourne skyline in the background at night with a light illuminating overhead

[Text] "Enjoy flexible work, a wider range of opportunities and an ongoing job"

[Image description] Graduates are seated at round tables facing panel discussion members in a large meeting room with projector screens

[Text] "Be creative, analytical, emotional, social, passionate and motivated"

[Image description] Graduates walking along the sand on St Kilda beach between a bluestone wall and an old pier looking for rubbish as part of a microplastics field trip during the day with trees and tall buildings in the background

Text] "Disability is not a barrier"

[Image description] A group of eight graduates lean over a round table to work together with small blue blocks in a large meeting room

[Text] I enjoyed…

[Image description] Graduates pose for an informal photo on the sand at St Kilda beach foreshore at sunset

[Text] "Progressive values"

[Image description] Graduates stand and sit together near a wall of glass windows with a tram travelling outside and high-rise buildings and trees in the background

[Text] "Mentoring and a supportive workplace"

[Image description] A group of graduates sit facing each other as part of a speed greeting session in a long room with an image of colourful beach huts in the background

[Text] "Making life-long friends"

[Image description] Five graduates are seated and blowing air into red balloons under the Whole Brain ModelTM on a projector screen in a meeting room

[Text] "Cool learning and development opportunities"

[Image description] Graduates pose together in front of two large trees with some people holding rubbish collection sticks at the St Kilda foreshore area as part of a microplastics field trip

[Text] "Opportunity to move around a huge organisation"

[Image description] Graduates pose for a photo with senior leaders as part of a graduation event in a conference room

[Text] "Rotations across regional Victoria"

[Image description] Graduates stand and sit in an elongated semi-circle under shade from a tree with a few palm trees and multi-storey building in the background

[Text] What else is involved?

[Text] Collaboration

[Image description] Graduates facing each other in a clustered circle while standing on a round mat with yellow, red, green and blue quadrants in a meeting room

[Text] Field trips

[Image description] Graduates walk along a footbridge and down a semicircular ramp with palm trees and water, a marina and distant buildings in the background

[Text] Learning

[Image description] Eight graduates sit around a table facing a graduate holding a booklet, with a colourful balloon centrepiece and other booklets on the table

[Text] Games

[Image description] A small group of graduates participate in an activity with one participant throwing a ring towards a board with hooks on it while other graduates watch on or interact with one another

[Text] Much more…

[Image description] Graduates form a long line and interact with each other at the far end of a large conference room filled with round tables and chairs with two presentation screens in the background

[Text] Any advice for applicants?

[Text] "Learn as much as you can in the 2 years and make the most of opportunities"

[Image description] Eight graduates sit and stand around a table and focus on a fellow graduate giving instructions in a meeting room

[Text] "Passion is important"

[Image description] Graduates playing volleyball on the sand at St Kilda foreshore with the sun setting among clouds in the background

[Text] Apply now to start your career with us today

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