Boosting mobile connectivity across Victoria

Published: 5 October 2022

We are fast-tracking the delivery of improved mobile services to better connect Victorians living and working in more than 1,200 suburbs and towns across the state.

We are partnering with five telecommunications providers to deliver 1,108 mobile infrastructure projects that will benefit people at home, at work, and when they’re out and about.

Around 2.4 million premises across 23,500 square kilometres will get increased coverage and improved service quality. Some of these areas will see networks upgraded to 5G faster than planned.

Mobile connectivity plays a critical role in the lives of Victorians, providing access to healthcare, education, flexible working and emergency information and services.

Together with telecommunications partners Axicom, ENE.HUB, Optus, Telstra and TPG Telecom, the Victorian Government will build 309 new mobile towers, upgrade 492 towers to 5G, adapt 170 towers so they can be used by multiple telecommunications providers and make 137 towers more resilient during natural disasters, all by 2026.

At many sites, the telecommunications providers have agreed to share infrastructure, which will give more Victorians a choice of mobile provider and improve competition. More than 700 of the projects will be delivered in regional and rural locations.

The program addresses feedback provided by Victorians on the areas in the state where improvements are most needed.

This $300 million mobile investment is part of the $550 million Connecting Victoria program to fast-track better mobile and broadband in as many places as possible.

To find out more, visit Connecting Victoria.

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