DJSIR Supplier Portal

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Introduction to the Supplier Portal

DJSIR has a Supplier Portal which suppliers can use to:

  • Access and respond to some sourcing events (requests for tender)
  • Maintain their details (except bank account details which cannot be self-edited).

This video introduces the DJSIR Supplier Portal.

Introduction to your Supplier Portal

Registering to use the Supplier Portal

Both new and existing DJSIR suppliers can register to use the Supplier Portal using the new supplier registration form.

If you are not sure whether you already have access to the Supplier Portal please contact us to find out: Assistance with the Supplier Portal.

Once you’ve submitted the new supplier registration form you will receive an email welcoming you to the system and inviting you to log into the system and set a password. If you do not receive an email immediately please do not worry. It can take a few days for your account to be approved.

This video shows you how to register for Supplier Portal access.

How to register your business on the DJSIR Supplier Portal

Creating contacts and assigning roles

Your organisation should have at least one contact for each of the following system roles.

  • Supplier Self Service Clerk - This person will be your primary Supplier Portal account holder and will manage your organisation’s profile. It’s a good idea to have more than one person in your organisation with this access.
  • Supplier Bidder - This is the person DJSIR will contact about opportunities to tender for work.
  • Supplier Accounts Receivable Specialist - This person manages invoices and payments for your organisation.

This video shows you how to add and edit contacts and roles in the DJSIR Supplier Portal.

How to update your contact details and roles within your organisation

Logging into the Supplier Portal

The first time you log into the Supplier Portal via the link you have been emailed you will need to set a password. It must be at least 8 characters long and contain a minimum of one capital letter, one number and one special character.

If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’. The password reset link you will be sent is valid for 24 hours. If it expires, simply click on ‘Forgot Password’ again to be sent a new link.

Don’t forget to bookmark the Supplier Portal in your browser. Google Chrome is the best browser for this system, but you can use any browser.

Updating your organisation’s details

You can use the Supplier Portal to update your organisation’s details other than bank account details.

(To update your organisation’s bank account details you will need to submit an invoice with the correct bank details or speak to your customer at DJSIR and provide them with evidence of your new bank account details.)

Assistance with the Supplier Portal

If you are having any issues using the Supplier Portal – or unsure whether you or a colleague is already registered to use it - please contact the DJSIR Customer Support Team on 1800 370724 or at for assistance.

User guides

The following step-by-step guides are also available for your reference:

Page last updated: 2 March 2023