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Social Procurement Framework Success Story – Panku



[‘Sailing Away’ by The Twoks plays]

JADAH: My name is Jadah Pleiter, I am the CEO of Panku Safety Solutions and Heart2Heart Training and Supplies. I am a Palyku woman from northwestern Australia, my country runs from Marble Bar down to Jigalong. Panku means ‘united’ in the Nyiyaparli language. My company specialises in personal protective equipment and safety supply, also environmental spill control, signage, a whole range of categories. Heart2Heart specialises in first aid training and mental health first aid training, mental health planning for organisations and the supply of first aid equipment as well.

TRAVIS: Our focus is giving back to community. So we want to tailor outcomes around our clients and their demographic and their community-based Indigenous engagements or interests and giving back some of what we’re enjoying in terms of growth as well.

JADAH: We support the Budadee Ranger Program, an Aboriginal ranger training program upon my country, equipping rangers with the tools needed to caretake the Woodstock-Abydos region over which we have Native Title. The Social Procurement Framework has really given us the opportunity to demonstrate our capability, to demonstrate our competency and to build relationship. The engagement that we’ve had from departments has enabled us to build up capital, it’s enabled us to invest in infrastructure and systems that are really essential for growth.

CHRIS: When the COVID pandemic started, we had an issue with our usual supplier being able to supply hygiene products. That’s how we came across Panku. Just recently they’ve fulfilled orders for us for all our customer service centres of which there’s 43 across the state, with three months’ stocks and supplies of hygiene products and PPE. We’ve been able to even work with them in terms of the distribution of the three months’ supply to our customer service centres as well. Even though it’s not part of their core business, but they were able to actually undertake that for us and distribute it out to sites across the state, even as far north as Mildura. I’m most grateful to them for being able to take on that challenge.

JADAH: One of my personal goals is really to build a business that models our core values, the chief of which is reciprocity. So really working to attain mutual outcomes with our suppliers, with our clients and with other Indigenous businesses.

TRAVIS: Providing outcomes and delivering value and growing relationships is hugely important to me. When I look back on a career or look back on what we’ve grown or achieved, that footprint and that legacy will be much more rewarding.

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