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Social Procurement Framework Success Story – Social Foundry



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SIMON: Social Foundry was born out of a heart to want to deliver impact into the lives of young people. And we really think that one of the best ways to do that is actually through community.

PAUL: What if we could build a social enterprise that could trade and could be part of the marketplace but really as its primary mission was about connecting with and empowering young people to bridge that intimidating gap between unemployment and meaningful employment?

SIMON: Social Foundry is made up of three primary channels. One is our hospitality space, secondly is our constructive trades program and thirdly is our own brand of natural sparkling mineral water bottled right here in Kyneton. Inside of our channels, Social Foundry is made up of two streams. First of all, we call that our Life Skills stream and secondly, our Work Skills stream. Our training is really at the heart of what we do.

JAMIE: In repurposing shipping containers for the construction industry, we help builders meet their social spend targets on government contracted sites. They need those products onsite and what we offer with repurposed shipping containers is they’re a lot more solid than your traditional flat pack refrigerated panel type of builds.

PAUL: Constructive trades has really been totally empowered by the Social Procurement Framework. We get to be part of projects that are transformational for us to be part of. We get to see processes, we get to work with people who are operating at a great level, we get to learn from them, but we build relationships around that, too, so it’s been an absolute game changer.

DAN: We’ve set up a tri-party agreement with Victoria University, Western Program Alliance and Social Foundry. They’ve built us a repurposed 20-foot shipping container into a security hut. We could have just gone to a normal real estate agent, like we probably have done in construction the last 30 years. We thought ‘let’s think outside the box’, now there’s a bit more to it. I’ve met some of the students, talking with Paul and his team out at Social Foundry, you know, the passion they’ve got about what they want to do and make a difference, and I think it’s on everyone to do that and I think it’s a good outcome for all.

LUCRETIA: Major projects enable, support and innovate new opportunities for communities and disadvantaged cohorts that would otherwise be left behind. The Social Procurement Framework is absolutely critical to support the sustainability of social enterprises and community social outcomes in Victoria.

SIMON: We have a real heart for rural Australia. So whether it’s small country towns or larger rural cities, it’s our hope that in months and years to come, that we would see many Social Foundry communities scattered, be that in our hospitality space, in our constructive trades space or even in our natural sparkling mineral water, 7Springs to be sold even around the world. We have a lot of hopes for the future and it’s quite exciting.

[‘Upbeat Kalimba Groove’ by Erica Tucceri plays]

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