Faster broadband to support tourism in Mount Buller

Faster broadband to support tourism in Mt Buller

[Vision: Aerial view of Mt Buller resort / people using a ski chairlift]

[Text: We spoke to locals in Mt Buller about how better broadband would help them]

Mark Bennetts – Chief Executive Officer, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management

As an internationally renowned ski resort, everybody coming here expects good quality broadband.

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Tony Harrington – Mt Buller Photoshop

We have a team of photographers shooting the guests in the mountain and we need to get them uploaded to the website. What should take one to two minutes is taking one to two hours.

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Edward Mahon – Manager, Mt Buller Ski Patrol

We have a web-based incident accident investigation system where we’re collecting data. We ask our guests, use apps for navigational purposes and for emergency purposes.

[Vision: View of emergency services workers skiing down a snowy mountain holding onto an alpine stretcher with a patient on it]

[Text: Connecting Victoria is making faster broadband available in more than 180 locations across Victoria]

[Vision: View of Wendy Magee adjusting ski display in National Alpine Museum of Australia / Wendy adjusting snow jacket on mannequin / Wendy opening vertical filing cabinets in storage room]

Wendy Magee – National Alpine Museum of Australia

Well, we have an amazing amount of data. It is a huge collection. We’ve got most of it digitalised, but we can’t share it with anyone. We’d love to be able to share it with the international community or to anyone who is trying to research the alpine areas.

[Connecting Victoria / Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

Faster broadband will support businesses in regional tourism hotspots like Mount Buller, enabling them to provide even greater services so that visitors can have the best possible experience.

Mount Buller will soon have access to faster and more reliable wholesale broadband speeds of around one gigabit per second, which are significantly faster than satellite services currently available.

Through the Connecting Victoria program, the alpine town is one of more than 180 locations across Victoria to get faster broadband, 150 of them in regional and rural Victoria.

An extra 2,000 kilometres of fibre will be installed, in addition to the 1,000 kilometres of fibre already planned for rollout over the next three years – almost the distance between Melbourne and Cairns.

More than 130,000 businesses and households will benefit from digital upgrades through the $250 million Connecting Victoria broadband program, thanks to partnerships with NBN Co, Opticomm and Swoop.

For more than 40 Victorian towns, including Baw Baw, Talbot, Toolangi and Merino, the new infrastructure will provide access to fixed wireless services for the first time, delivering significantly faster speeds than currently available through satellite internet services.

All fibre funded through the program is due to be rolled out by mid-2025, with some locations being able to connect from mid-2023.

Page last updated: 2 December 2022