Victorian Forestry Plan

The Victorian Forestry Plan supports the transition of the native timber industry while protecting as many jobs as possible.

Transition support is available for workers, businesses and the community.

About the Victorian Forestry Plan

The Victorian timber industry is transitioning due to a decrease in native timber resources because of fire, wildlife protection and consumer preferences.

The Victorian Forestry Plan provides more than $200 million to support workers, businesses and communities to transition ahead of commercial native timber harvesting ending in 2030.

Already there has been a strong response to the support available under the plan with a large take up of opportunities by businesses and communities..

However, transition won’t be for all and a solid safety net is in place to protect workers and businesses.

To support future timber supply to the industry, the Victorian Government is investing in growing plantations and farmed timber.

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Victorian Forestry Plan timber volumes

Under the Victorian Forestry Plan the native timber industry has a continued supply until 2024, then supply levels will step down until 2030 when native timber harvesting ceases.

Under the Victorian Forestry Plan, the D grade and better sawlog harvest levels are currently set at 253,000m3 per annum until 2023/24 and then decrease to 185,000m3 in 2024/25 and to 140,000m3 from 2025/26 until 2029/30.

Victorian Forestry Plan supply breakdown

Year Annual Ash D+ sawlog harvest levels Annual Mixed Species D+ sawlog harvest levels
2024-25 85,000m3 100,000m3
2025-26 to 2029-30 85,000m3 55,000m3


The Victorian Forestry Plan aims to strike the right balance between the environment and jobs.

In 2019 the plan established the following protections:

  • Protection of 90,000 hectares of Victoria’s remaining old growth forest.
  • Release of the Greater Glider Action Statement.
  • Exempting a further 96,000 hectares of forest from timber harvesting - protecting more than 35 threatened species including the Leadbeater’s Possum.

These protections mean over 186,000 hectares are now excluded from timber harvesting. This is equal to more than 100,000 MCGs and is the biggest addition to Victoria’s reserve system in over 20 years.

In 2021, a $14 million package was added to uphold environmental standards in timber harvesting.

The package includes regulatory changes to ensure timber harvesting standards are applied consistently and to clarify the obligations of timber harvesters.

For more information please see the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action.

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