Forestry Business Transition Voucher Program

The Forestry Business Transition Voucher program is part of the Victorian Government’s Victorian Forestry Plan to assist in retaining industry and community capability and jobs.

The Forestry Business Transition Voucher program offers up to $25,000 to access to tailored support through business services to equip affected businesses with a better understanding of their business capabilities, options and strategies for transition.

Applications for Round 2 are now open and will close at 11.59pm 31 May 2023.


The program aims to assist eligible businesses directly impacted by the Victorian Forestry Plan with the help they need to plan for their future.

It offers access to tailored support through professional business services to help affected businesses to better understand their capabilities, options, and strategies for transition.

Funding details

Under voucher-type programs, funding is paid to the Registered Service Provider once the Services have been provided to the satisfaction of the Participant and the Department.

Round 2 vouchers for the Forestry Business Transition Voucher program are capped at a maximum value of $25,000 (exclusive of GST).

Who can apply

Applications for a Forestry Business Transition Voucher are invited from businesses that:

  • hold a current VicForests Timber Sale Agreement; or
  • hold a Forest Produce Licence issued by VicForests; or
  • are a timber harvest and / or haulage business with a current VicForests contract or agreement; or
  • are a harvest and/or haulage sub-contractor to a business with a current VicForests harvest and/or haulage contract with at least 70 per cent of its annual revenue derived from the business with the VicForests contract, based on the 2020-21 financial year
  • a seed collector with a contract with VicForests with at least 70 per cent of its annual revenue derived from the VicForests contract, based on the 2020-21 financial year
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • conduct business operations within Victoria
  • meet all the industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Sawmill businesses participating in the Victorian Forestry Plan Opt-out Scheme are eligible to submit an application to the Forestry Business Transition Voucher Program.

Applicants are encouraged to speak with a Victorian Forestry Plan representative to discuss their eligibility.

Application process

Before applying

How to apply

  1. Submit an online application at Business Victoria with a completed Scope of Services and the front page of your current VicForests agreement, including the expiry date. The application form must be completed by an authorised officer (i.e., an appropriate financial delegate to approve external service agreements and payments).
  2. The Department will confirm eligibility, conduct due diligence and assess the Scope of Services to ensure it meets the program requirements and is reflective of the required engagement.

Start your application

Eligible applicants

  1. A Letter of Offer is sent to the eligible Participant requesting a signed Service Agreement between the Registered Service Provider and Participant (refer to Section 14b Service Agreement).
  2. Offer is accepted in writing. The Participant or Registered Service Provider can send the acceptance of the offer and a Service Agreement signed by both the Registered Service Provider and the Participant to the Department.
  3. The Department reviews the Service Agreement for compliance with the minimum requirements described in the Guidelines and the status of registration of the Service Provider and, if satisfied of all matters including those under Guidelines, issues the Voucher in the name of the Participant and Service Provider.
  4. Services must commence within three months of issuing the Voucher. Services must be completed within nine (9) months of Voucher issue.


Payment (up to the value of the voucher) is made to the Registered Service Provider on evidence of completion.

Download resources

Registered Service Providers

Go True North are lean practitioners and have learned through the lean global network that successful transformation calls for a situational approach that is based on innovating key dimensions of any organisation through addressing a series of questions. Our approach is tailored to your needs and combines agile practices, lean thinking and visual management. Through years of hands-on experience, we have a proud track record of consistently delivering business transformations. We invite you to engage us to support your industry transformation journey.

Service location

Servicing all of Victoria.


Website: Go True North
Phone: 1300 920 543

Strategic advisors specialising in business transition, business diversification, change and crisis management. Experienced working with mills, harvesters and haulage operators. We provide practical advice and solutions for businesses needing to adapt and restructure. We are happy to provide references and we work independently and in close consultation with you to find the best solution possible to protect your assets and future livelihood.

Service location

Servicing all of Victoria.


Website: ION Group
Phone: 0419 359 409

Phillipsons have been serving small business for over 40 years. Our accountants, financial advisers and support team are dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals, prosper financially and successfully navigate tax and compliance demands.

Our approach to this work will draw from our existing consulting services which we call Business Improvement Program. We keenly understand the unavoidable transition that business owners face and will seek to adapt our service to more strongly support the decisions that they must make to achieve a sustainable future.

Service location

Servicing Gippsland region.


Website: Phillipsons Accounting Services
Phone: 03 5144 4566

Smith Dosser is a team of professional Accountants and Business Advisors. We provide business analysis, planning, taxation and audit services. Our team has extensive experience in these areas, and specialise in manufacturing and production industries, including timber milling, logging and haulage advisory client engagements. Collectively, Smith Dosser has operated in the Public Accounting and Advisory area for over 55 years.

Service location

Servicing all of Victoria.


Website: Smith Dosser
Phone: 03 5762 1588

Riviera Accounting & Taxation Services Pty Ltd predominately provide services to all personal and business entities in financial reporting, income tax return preparation, cashflow budgeting, business performance and structure analysis, valuation modelling and business activity statement review and preparation.

Service location

Offices located in Paynesville and Orbost.


Phone: 03 5156 0800

Pitcher Partners specialises in working with middle market businesses in Australia, providing relevant and timely advice to support their future growth plans. We are passionate about helping business owners create sustainable and long-term operations.

We provide customised business transition services based on individual client needs. Our methodology helps identify the key areas of focus and highlights where the business should focus its efforts and resources.

Service location

Servicing all of Victoria.


Website: Pitcher Partners
Phone: 03 8612 9296

Wood4Good is a specialist forestry services and consulting company with expertise in forest-establishment, management and harvest. We have specific skillsets in high-value timber production, sustainable forest products, supply and value chains, enterprise development, business strategy, governance, systems thinking, emerging markets for forest services and business modelling.

We take a hands-on foresters’ view in our approach to economic modelling and business planning horizons – both in terms of our deep knowledge of the productive forestry industry, but also across long-term forestry horizons.

Service location

Based in Central Victoria, servicing Victoria state-wide.


Website: Wood4Good
Phone: 0428 331 173

Herring & McMillian Taxation are committed to building authentic and genuine relationships. We complete all income tax and accounting requirements for individuals, businesses and other structures, as well as other compliance requirements including business advisory. By fostering a strong relationship with our clients, we can recommend the most appropriate structure through which to operate their business and provide professional advice upon the requirements of various structures.

Our process involves, but is not limited to: Financial analysis, setting of targets and budgets, cash flow projections, profitability analysis, management assistance in monitoring and achieving objectives and liquidity and equity reviews.

Service location

Based in Maryborough, Central Victoria, servicing Victoria state-wide.


Website: Herring & McMillian Taxation

Phone: 03 5461 1344

More information

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