Doctors and patients

What can medicinal cannabis be used for?

Any doctor in Australia can now prescribe medicinal cannabis, for any patient, if they believe it will be beneficial in the treatment of their medical condition.

In order to prescribe medicinal cannabis, a doctor will need to decide which product is most appropriate for their patient and get the necessary government approvals. They may also be required to provide evidence showing that medicinal cannabis will be effective for the treatment of their patient's condition.

To assist doctors, the Commonwealth Government has released a series of clinical guidance documents summarising the available evidence about medicinal cannabis for use in different medical conditions.

Doctor access to medicinal cannabis

The Commonwealth Government's medicinal cannabis policy now enables doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to their patients with appropriate approvals. Learn how to prescribe medicinal cannabis products.

Patient access to medicinal cannabis

Access to medicinal cannabis can only be secured through your treating doctor or specialist, if they believe medicinal cannabis will be beneficial in the treatment of your condition.  

More information for patients about medicinal cannabis.

Page last updated: 10 March 2021