Export and import of medicinal cannabis

Export of medicinal cannabis products

The export of medicinal cannabis products from Australia was legalised in February 2018 through the Narcotic Drugs Amendment (Cannabis) Regulations 2018.

Under the new regulations, Victorian exporters must follow Australia's obligations under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961. This includes making sure that the importing countries are also a member of the Single Convention, and are willing to issue import permission.

Victorian exporters will require a licence and a permit issued by the Office of Drug Control (ODC) under the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958. The medicinal cannabis product must also be listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Note that even if medicinal cannabis is legal at a local or district level in a country, export from Australia may not be permitted if it is not legalised at the federal level.

Visit the ODC website on export of controlled substances for further information on the requirements and how to apply for an export licence and permit.

Import of cannabis material for manufacture of medicinal cannabis products

Importing cannabis products into Victoria for use in manufacturing medicinal cannabis is permitted provided the relevant import licence and permit are granted by the Australian Government. Import is only allowed from countries where cannabis for medicinal use is approved at the federal level.

The importer will first need to hold a Victorian licence allowing possession of cannabis material before import approval may be granted by the Australian Government.

For information on the Office of Drug Control (ODC) import licence and permit and how to apply, go to importation of controlled substances on the ODC website.

For updated list of available medicinal cannabis products by manufacturers and suppliers, please visit manufacturer and supplier section of the ODC website.

Page last updated: 10 March 2021