Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund (RJIF) is the Victorian Government’s overarching regional development package. It focuses on major projects, employment and communities.

The RJIF has five strategic objectives:

  • Create jobs of the future and diversify the regional employment base.
  • Improve productivity and enhance long-term competitiveness of Regional Victoria through innovation and transition to new growth opportunities.
  • Create the conditions for business growth by enhancing workforce skills, providing enabling economic infrastructure and facilitation expansion into new markets.
  • Improve the livability of our cities, centres and towns to attract and retain families and young people to live and work.
  • Enhance community capacity through collaboration, leadership development and regional planning..

Regional Development Victoria (RDV) manages the RJIF's three programs:

  1. The Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF) – aims to harness key regional strengths to improve regional Victoria's productivity and liveability
  2. The Regional Jobs Fund (RJF) – aims to facilitate job creation and retain existing jobs.
  3. The Investment Fast-Track Fund (IFF) – aims to support regional and rural projects to strengthen their investment evidence base by funding activities that support planning and preparation, thereby fast-track projects to investment ready stage.

Want to know more?

Visit Regional Development Victoria to find out more about RJIF and the public grant program streams.

Page last updated: 21 July 2021