About the board

The Board is made up of a Chairperson, three Deputy Chairpersons and 5 other Members.

The functions and powers of the Board are set out at section 95H of the Racing Act 1958.

They are to:

  1. Oversee relationships between the racing controlling bodies, Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing Victoria and Harness Racing Victoria, and their integrity staff;
  2. Endorse an annual integrity plan for each controlling body;
  3. Review and provide recommendations about integrity resourcing and the integrity budgets of controlling bodies;
  4. Advise and make recommendations to the controlling bodies in relation to integrity policy, participant licensing policies and licensing procedures;
  5. Review proposals for new or amended rules of racing as they relate to integrity and make recommendations in relation to the rules of racing as they relate to integrity;
  6. Receive complaints from a member or Director of a Board of a controlling body, an integrity manager, or the Chief Steward or Deputy Chief Steward about integrity issues within a controlling body;
  7. Refer complaints to the Racing Integrity Commissioner (RIC) and liaise with the RIC and external agencies in relation to integrity matters;
  8. Maintain an effective working relationship with the boards of the controlling bodies;
  9. Consider and provide direction in relation to any form of disciplinary action that a controlling body proposes to take against a senior member of an integrity department in relation to internal integrity matters;
  10. Oversee the development of a memorandum of understanding or shared services agreement between the controlling bodies;
  11. Issue directions to the controlling bodies regarding integrity matters.

Contact details

Executive Officer: Aaron Campbell
Telephone: 0499 946 756
Email: enquiries@vrib.vic.gov.au

Page last updated: 5 March 2020