Agriculture Victoria works with the agriculture industry on research, development and extension to improve production, connect the sector with international markets, support development and maintain effective biosecurity controls.

Agriculture Victoria has a governance and policy role regarding the management of fisheries, forestry and game species in close collaboration with our agencies and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).


Strategies and initiatives

Victoria's Animal Welfare Action Plan

Victoria's first-ever Animal Welfare Action Plan — Improving the Welfare of Animals in Victoria, was released in 2018. The action plan aims for Victoria to continue to improve animal welfare and to be well-respected globally for its animal welfare practices.

Wine industry development strategy

The purpose of the Wine industry development strategy will be to improve the long term performance and sustainability of the wine industry in Victoria.

Invasive plants and animals policy framework

The Invasive plants and animals policy framework presents the government's approach to the management of invasive species.

Victorian Resources Online

The Victorian Resources Online is your gateway to a wide range of information and associated maps related to Victoria's soil and landscapes. You can access this information at both statewide and regional levels across Victoria.

Victorian Forestry Plan

The Victorian Government has developed the Victorian Forestry Plan to assist the forestry industry as it manages its gradual transition away from commercial native forest harvesting.


Supporting the dairy industry

The government is working closely with the dairy industry to support farms impacted by the issues facing the industry.

Smarter, safer farms

Smarter, Safer Farms delivers farm safety and wellbeing initiatives to change Victoria’s farm safety culture and reduce the number of deaths and injuries on farms

Grants, awards and scholarships

Young farmers scholarship program

Young farmers in Victoria can access scholarships of up to $10,000 to help boost skills and implement new on-farm initiatives.

Food Source Victoria

Food Source Victoria offers grants for food producers and businesses to develop growth plans, support export growth and create quality jobs. It also offers scholarships for professionals in regional agri-food businesses.

Wine growth fund

The Wine growth fund offers grants that support initiatives to develop the Victorian wine industry.

Rural women's award

The Rural women's award recognises the contribution Victorian women make to primary industry and rural communities.

Divisional owners and entities

Agriculture Victoria Services

Agriculture Victoria Services is the commercial interface between the department and private industry. It protects, manages and commercialises new technologies generated by the agriculture research and development divisions of the department.


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