Applications for the latest round of the Digital Jobs program have now closed.

Complete the Digital Jobs - Participant Expression of Interest Form to notify us of your interest, and we’ll keep you updated on the program’s developments as they happen.

Backing you to upskill for a new career

Digital skills are the in-demand capabilities of the future.

Enhance your digital skills and reimagine your career with the Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program.

If you’re over 30 years of age, have an appetite for learning and feel motivated to make a change, then Digital Jobs could be for you!

The program gives you:

  • 12 weeks of free training in a high-quality, industry-backed digital course
  • Opportunities to apply for 12 weeks in a paid work placement with a Victorian business
  • Ongoing support from mentors throughout the program.

Digital Jobs in languages other than English

Build your confidence and job-seeking skills

Our experienced career coaches and technical mentors will help you build your confidence, update your CV, prepare for interviews and support you as you apply for jobs and move into your new digital career.

Gain experience with Victoria’s top employers

We can support you to:

  • apply for a 12-week work placement through the Digital Jobs program; or
  • secure a placement through your own contacts; or
  • apply for ongoing jobs.

Read the frequently asked questions below for more information.

Through the program you can apply for paid 12-week work placement opportunities to put your new digital skills into practice. We’ve lined up some of the state’s top employers including a variety of small, medium and large businesses. You could find yourself working for ANZ, Carsales and Zendesk to name just a few!

Reimagine your career

Upskilling for a career change doesn’t mean abandoning your existing knowledge and expertise. Skills such as problem-solving, planning and organising, collaboration, critical thinking and resilience are all valuable in a digital job.

Whatever your experience or area of interest, adding the latest digital skills to your existing knowledge, work history and skillset will create new career opportunities in the years ahead.

We’ve teamed up with some of Victoria’s top training providers to offer a range of industry-backed courses to suit different interests and skills levels.

Meet Cass: Gaining skills and experience to start her own consultancy

Meet Cass: Gaining skills and experience to start her own consultancy

Read the video transcript and more about Cass's story

Find your own path

Program candidates could find themselves in roles such as:

  • social media community manager
  • web developer
  • cyber security technician
  • project administrator
  • data modeler
  • user experience (UX) designer
  • business analyst
  • digital marketing assistant.

How to apply

Applications for the latest round of the Digital Jobs program have now closed.

Complete the Digital Jobs - Participant Expression of Interest Form to notify us of your interest, and we’ll keep you updated on the program’s developments as they happen.

Frequently asked questions

Digital jobs require specific digital skills. These jobs can vary from project management to digital marketing to cyber security and everything in between.

Businesses of all sizes employ people with digital skills, and the demand for skilled people to fill digital jobs is growing every year. In 2022, the Victorian Skills Authority anticipated that Victoria would need an extra 38,000 technology workers by 2025.

Digital Jobs is a Victorian Government program. To help us deliver the program we’re working with industry, training providers, a work placement service, and a recruitment service.

Find out more about the training providers and courses.

Applications for the latest round of the Digital Jobs program have now closed.

Complete the Digital Jobs - Participant Expression of Interest Form to notify us of your interest, and we’ll keep you updated on the program’s developments as they happen.

To be eligible you must:

  • be a Victorian resident
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or
  • have a valid visa to allow you to live, work and study without restriction in Australia for at least the next 12 months (certain visa types are ineligible; for example, student visa holders – subclass 500 – are not eligible for this program) *
  • be over 30 years of age with five+ years of work experience; OR 10+ years of work experience if you are 30 years or under (years in total; not necessarily consecutively)
  • have not previously undertaken Digital Jobs training (beyond week 1)

You will need to be comfortable conversing and writing in English. Familiarity with Microsoft Office is also required; common tasks like carrying out computer updates and using collaboration tools will help you succeed. You should be able to confidently navigate the internet and use online services.

* Visa conditions are subject to change by the Australian Border Force at any time which may regrettably impact on your application. Please review the conditions on your visa carefully before making an application.

The Victorian Government is working with Hudson Australia to run the selection process for the program. You will need to complete and be competitive at each stage in the process to progress. Please note there is high demand for the program, and we are only able to offer a place to the most competitive candidates.

Competitive applications demonstrate the following critical competencies: growth mindset, resilience, planning and delivering, critical thinking, problem-solving, working with people, communication skills, and digital literacy.

We have highly successful candidates from a range of backgrounds. If you require reasonable adjustments to complete the assessments, please indicate this on your application form and you will be contacted at the start of the selection process.

Stage one: Online application

An online form to provide details about yourself and your employment history, and to confirm your work rights and eligibility for the program. Following submission, an email is sent to confirm submission. If you do not receive this email, your application has not been submitted. Check your junk/spam folder for the email and if not received, reapply. Only one application is needed per person.

Stage two: Online activity

The online activity is a text-based behavioural interview which asks you a series of questions related to your previous work experiences. The activity is used to assess your employability. On completion, you’ll receive a personalised feedback report which outlines your key strengths and development tips. If you do not receive this report, your responses have not been submitted. Check your junk/spam folder for the email and if not received, ensure you clicked ‘Submit’.

Note that the information provided in the stages above are for an initial assessment and will only be used to determine your suitability for the program and your competitiveness relative to other candidates.  Any information you provide in these stages is not passed onto our training providers or used for any other part of the program.

Stage three: Capability assessments

If selected to progress, you’ll be required to complete three assessments online:

Personality Assessment. This is an untimed assessment that looks at your preferences in the workplace (e.g., do you enjoy working autonomously or in a group).

Abstract Reasoning Assessment. This is a timed assessment, which looks at your learning agility and problem solving.

Digital Literacy Assessment. This is an untimed assessment, which looks at your ability to perform tasks on computers and in an online environment.

Stage four: Stream preference selection

If selected to complete the Capability Assessments, you will also be asked to complete your digital stream preferences selection online. You will be provided with supporting documentation to allow you to make an informed choice about which stream(s) you would like to study. You can select a minimum of one and a maximum of five streams.

The program is fully funded by the Victorian Government, so there’s no cost to apply or participate in the program.

It may be possible to continue working in your current job and complete your 12-week course at the same time.  Each course has different time requirements so you will need to select a course with hours that suit your availability. If you are asked to select your stream preferences, ensure that you nominate streams with courses that suit your availability, because stream allocations cannot be changed.

The majority of work placement opportunities are offered as 12-week full-time positions, meaning it would not be viable to have another job. However, we cannot guarantee if you will be shortlisted or selected by an employer for a work placement opportunity nor the timeframe. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not resign from any existing employment unless offered a work placement opportunity.

The majority of work placements that you can apply for are offered as 12 weeks full-time, entry level positions.  If you prefer a part-time arrangement, you may be able to find a host with the same preferences, or you may be able to negotiate a part-time arrangement.

Digital Jobs work placement opportunities are advertised through the InternMatch platform.

You must successfully complete your 12-week training course to be eligible to undertake a Digital Jobs work placement.  The 12-week work placement opportunities offered through the program are typically entry level roles paid at the minimum wage.  You will be able to nominate for placements that interest you and if shortlisted, may be invited for an interview with the employer.

Not all participants are looking for a work placement.  Digital Jobs also provides a suite of employability resources including workshops, career coaching, technical mentoring and online training to support participants apply for digital jobs that are more widely available.

It depends on your Centrelink profile and eligibility. You may get paid less from Centrelink if you undertake a work placement as you’ll be earning an income and will need to declare this. We encourage you to speak to your Centrelink advisor to discuss your personal circumstances.

This is a competitive program with a limited number of positions available per intake.

All candidates will receive feedback on their strengths and development areas from stages two (online activity) and three (personality assessment) of the selection process. For unsuccessful candidates, we will provide details of some other avenues that you may wish to explore in your search for a new career path.

If you are still interested in the program, you can apply again for future rounds.

Page last updated: 22 February 2024