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Go Adventure Nagambie and digital Jobs

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Cass Groves - Studied digital marketing and analytics

My name is Cass Groves, I studied digital marketing and digital analytics through RMIT.

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Before the Digital Jobs Program I was teaching horticulture and landscape design.

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I’ve been the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Go Adventure Nagambie for the last six months, and since the program ended I’ve moved on to building up my own business as One Acorn Digital Marketing.

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Lee Rowland - Owner, Go Adventure Nagambie

My name’s Lee Rowland, I’m from Go Adventure Nagambie.

The digital needs of our business have been changing with the growth of our business.

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I needed somebody who could hit the ground running and really understand how business worked, and I was able to give them the right areas to focus on and they could take that away, I didn’t need to hold their hand through every little step of what they needed to be doing for my business in the digital space.


I was attracted to the Digital Jobs Program because it allowed me to firstly study from home, and secondly it was quite a concentrated block of information.

So there was three months of online study that was very tightly focused on the kind of skills that I wanted, so very skills-based learning and that worked for me.

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And the idea of having an internship at the end of that so I could enhance what I’d learned online, I could then go into a business, have a bit of practice, maybe learn from other people, and then come out of those three months with a whole suite of skills that I could then move, you know, move on to working for someone else, or in my case working for myself.

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Probably the example that Cass has spent a lot of time on and delivered a lot through is developing improvements in how we interact with our customers through social media.


[Vision: View of Cass working on computer at table]

The best thing that I found about the Digital Jobs Program is the confidence that it’s given me to get out and do something completely different.

[Digital Jobs. Your time is now - Victoria State Government

Go Adventure Nagambie is a family-run tourism business in regional Victoria. General Manager Lee Rowland was on the lookout for a digital marketing specialist to promote the business ahead of the peak holiday season.

Digital Jobs provided the perfect solution. Cass Groves had just completed 12 weeks of digital marketing training as part of the program. Her newly acquired skills meant she could do a thorough website and social media review. But just as valuable to Lee was the experience Cass brought from her business background.

“Cass helped create our newsletter, set up and ran online competitions, and often if I had an idea, she would make it better because of the business background she had.”

"It also helped enormously to be able to just give her an outline of what I was looking for and have her run with it and make it work. Cass has been a godsend. I’m doing things now with the business that I had only dreamed of".

The program has had a huge impact on Cass too.

"The training is very skills-based, and that works for me."

Cass says the program has changed her life in quite significant ways and she now feels great about her career prospects.

“I've had the opportunity through this program to develop a business that works to support other businesses. It's given me a really good foundation for how I can give back to the community that I live in, and this is really important to me.”

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