CarbonNet is passionate about educating the public about the science and safety of Carbon Capture and Storage. This page provides resources for schools, teachers and students and is free to use.

Careers in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Meet some of the CarbonNet team and learn about their jobs and the journey they took to get there.

Sue Shang– Technical Research Analyst, The CarbonNet Project

Sue looking at the computerSue Shang is a technical research analyst on the CarbonNet Project.

Learn more about the day-to-day work she is involved in with the CarbonNet Project.

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Jose Daniel Salgado – Reservoir Engineer, The CarbonNet Project

Potrait of JoseJose Daniel Salgado is a reservoir engineer on the CarbonNet project. He is in charge of characterising the reservoir storage site and creating a mathematical model to simulate different scenarios of the carbon dioxide movement within the rock.

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CCS Explained: The Basics

The Global CCS Institute (GCCSI) is a world leading Carbon Capture and Storage think tank aiming to accelerate the deployment of CCS as quickly and cost effectively as possible. The link below directs to information on the GCCSI website which includes the basics of CCS technology.

Financial Times Climate Change Challenge – Can you reach net zero?

The Financial Times, a British daily business newspaper, has created a game which puts the player in control as they try to limit global warming to 1.5C. Players do this through making environmental, economic and social decisions to cut energy related CO2 emissions.

This game is based on published scientific research and bespoke modelling by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

CCS information from Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia is the Australia’s peak public sector Earth science organisation. The link below includes information from the organisation about Carbon Capture and Storage.

Decorative image of cross section of Carbon Capture and Storage process - Supplied by the Global CCS InstituteScience experiments

Below are experiments which help demonstrate the properties of COand the science and geology of Carbon Capture and Storage.

The University of Texas at Austin - Gulf Coast Carbon Centre

The Gulf Coast Carbon Centre through the University of Texas as Austin has developed a lesson plan and experiments to teach the science of Carbon Capture and Storage. It explores the principles of climate change, greenhouse gases, energy and carbon cycles to answer the following questions:

  • How CO2 forms during the combustion of hydrocarbon
  • How much CO2 we produce during everyday activities
  • How CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere
  • How CO2 affects health and safety
  • How geologic capture and storage of CO2 reduces emission

The Royal Society- A simple experiment on global warming

The Royal Society, the United Kingdom’s national academy of sciences has developed an experiment to demonstrate the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in the Earth's atmosphere.

Global CCS Institute - Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage- Teachers' Notes

Global CCS (GCCSI) has created a document designed to introduce teachers and students to carbon capture and storage, one of a number of low-emission energy technologies helping to address the challenge of climate change.

Carbon Capture and Storage Research Organisations

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