Approvals & investigations

Pipeline Consultation Plan

Construction and operation of the proposed pipeline for the CarbonNet Project requires regulatory approvals in accordance with the Pipelines Act 2005. CarbonNet will ensure compliance with all legislative requirements for the proposed pipeline.

The pipeline approval process commences with the submission and approval of a Pipeline Consultation Plan, followed by engagement with stakeholders, notices, and submission periods for the public to provide comment.

Read the CarbonNet consultation plan.

Investigations and offshore activities

The CarbonNet team has carried out multiple investigations and offshore activities to benchmark and validate the Pelican site and surrounding environment, including the ocean, marine life, earth, and air.

CarbonNet reports

CarbonNet Project reports and associated documents are listed below.

Information about carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities worldwide, along with reports and publications about CCS can be found on the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute website.

Information about Victoria’s Otway Research Facility, which has stored more than 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide under Victoria’s Otways, can be found on the CO2CRC website





Page last updated: 19 September 2023