Sustainable Hunting Grants

These grants are supporting the long-term sustainability of hunting and will maximise benefits for the environment, the economy, the community, and hunters.

The grants enable collaboration and partnerships between government, hunters and the community to deliver innovative new projects that will grow recreational hunting in Victoria.


OrganisationProjectSummaryGrant funding (excluding GST)
Trustee for Nature Glenelg TrustUnderstanding waterfowl use of restored wetlands in Western VictoriaInvestigating diversity and abundance of waterfowl in restored wetlands in western Victoria compared to drained wetlands.$74,500
MMG EventsWild Deer Hunting Expo 2023Two-day game hunting event at Lardner Park Warragul in May 2023. Event will include game hunting promotion and education, regulatory advice and wild harvest cooking demonstrations.$48,940
Bug Blitz TrustBug BlitzEducation programs targeted at school students, to educate participants about local biodiversity. 5 field events including restoration planting and/or landscaping held at Connewarre Wetlands and 3 at Heart Morass education area in conjunction with Geelong Field & Game and Sale Field & Game.$40,000
Food and Fibre Gippsland IncVisiting, Easting and Profiting from the ProblemA series of six workshops in Gippsland promoting responsible hunting and the utilisation of game meat, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.$72,000
Victorian Hound Hunters IncHound Hunting Education and SafetyDevelopment of training materials and delivery of three workshops on firearm safety, hunter and public interactions, hound hunting ethics and best practice in animal welfare, conservation, and wildlife management.$44,610
Geelong Field and Game IncIncreasing Duck Production-Hen HousesConstruction and installation of 300 hen houses at known duck breeding sites to improve nesting habitat.$48,134
Field & Game Australia IncFGA RTO Registration projectField & Game Australia will become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and prepare for the delivery of conservation and ecosystem management-based courses.$40,000


The Sustainable Hunting Grants aim to increase the role of all participants in the hunting industry in the promotion of responsible, safe, and sustainable game hunting practices.

The intended outcomes of the grants include:

  • Recreational hunters are actively involved in promoting the environmental, economic and social benefits of game hunting.
  • Recreational hunters and the wider community have increased understanding of safe and responsible game hunting practices.
  • The habitats for game species are maintained and improved.
  • The scientific evidence base for game species knowledge and understanding is increased.

The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2021- 2024 (SHAP 2) is a $5.3 million investment by the Victorian Government to deliver new programs supporting safe, responsible and sustainable hunting across the state.

This vision of SHAP 2 is realised through the delivery of clear and measurable actions that align with the three objectives of:

  • informing and educating hunters
  • collaborating and partnering
  • monitoring and research

SHAP 2 plans to build on the success of the 2016–2020 plan (SHAP 1) to grow the economic, environmental and social benefits of responsible sustainable and safe hunting in Victoria.

Funding will be available for individual grants of between $10,000 and $80,000.

Applicant organisations must meet the following criteria, as assessed by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (the Department):

  • Hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • Be one of the following entity types:
    • a company incorporated in Australia
    • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
    • a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation
    • an incorporated community-based organisation o an education or research body (including universities) established by statute
    • an incorporated association
    • a Victorian local government body

Eligible applicants must:

  • conduct the project activities in Victoria
  • participate in future program evaluation activities
  • attest to compliance.

If your organisation is NOT an eligible entity type, and does not have an ABN, to be eligible you must arrange for an eligible entity type (or Local Government Authority) satisfactory to the Department to enter into a legal arrangement to manage the grant funds on your behalf. This organisation will be the ‘auspice’ organisation for the application.

More information on ‘auspicing’ can be found under section 8.2 of the program guidelines.

Organisations not eligible for Sustainable Hunting Grants include:

  • a Commonwealth department, agency or body
  • a State department, agency, entity or other body established under the Public Administration Act 2004 (VIC) or equivalent legislation of another Australian jurisdiction.

The intended outcomes of this program are:

  1. Recreational hunters are actively involved in promoting the environmental, economic and social benefits of game hunting
  2. Recreational hunters and the wider community have increased understanding of safe & responsible game hunting practices.
  3. The habitats for game species are maintained and improved.
  4. The scientific evidence base for game species knowledge and understanding is increased.

Projects that are eligible must contribute to the promotion of safe, responsible and sustainable hunting. Examples of eligible projects include but are not limited to:

Project typeDescription
Promotion and tourism activities For projects that promote recreational hunting and/or tourism opportunities relating to game species. This could include regional events, trade displays, cooking demonstrations, displays at wild food fairs, and hunting tourism experiences.
Knowledge and education activities For projects that develop hunter knowledge and education to improve understanding of safe, responsible and sustainable hunting practices relating to game species. These projects could be delivered through a variety of formats such as classes (in-person and online) or through the use of software and applications.
Habitat restoration For projects that will improve and maintain game species habitat, such as wetlands areas and other breeding sites.
Research activities For projects that undertake research to improve the evidence base relating to game species, such as those that inform knowledge of game species, harvest, animal welfare and regulation and compliance.

The key dates for the grant program are as follows:

  • Applications opened: 23 May 2022
  • Applications closed: 5:00pm, 24 June 2022
  • Projects must be completed: By 29 November 2023

Applications will be assessed by a panel. The panel will:

  1. Review and score applications individually against the assessment criteria
  2. Rank all projects against each other
  3. Determine the number of applications that will be recommended subject to funding available
  4. Recommend the applications for approval to the Minister for Agriculture

All applicants will be subject to a risk assessment to verify business details lodged with Australian regulators. More information on due diligence assessments can be found in section 5.2 of the program guidelines.

For grant applications of $50,001 or more, the Department will undertake a financial assessment of the Applicant to assess the ability of the Applicant to deliver the proposed project. Outcomes from the financial assessment may be taken into consideration in any decision to recommend and award the grant.

All applications must include a detailed project plan. Some applications may require evidence of financial stability or evidence of auspicing. Further information on these requirements can be in the program guidelines.

The Department will use its best endeavours to notify all applicants in writing via email of the outcome of their application approximately 8-10 weeks from the closing date.

Successful applicants will have 15 calendar days from the date of the Letter of Officer to accept the offer in writing.

Successful applicants will have 60 calendar days from the date of acceptance to execute the Grant Agreement with the department.

Your project must not commence until a grant agreement has been duly executed by both the Department and the successful applicant.

Once the agreement has been executed, the successful applicant will be required to commence the project within the agreed timeframe. More information can be found under 8.1 of the program guidelines.

Projects funded under Sustainable Hunting Grants should be completed by 29 November 2023.

Yes, reporting is critical to the Department in understanding program impact, supporting continuous improvement in program design and delivery, and delivering more effective grant programs to the people of Victoria

Successful applicants will be required to participate in any program monitoring and evaluation activities initiated by the Department. This may include completing surveys throughout the program to measure progress to achieving outcomes, and for up to three years after program completion.

Non-compliance could impact future applications to the Department’s programs.

Information provided by the Applicant during the application process will be used by the Department for the purposes of assessment of applications, program administration and program review. More information can be found under section 10 of the program guidelines.

Page last updated: 25 October 2022