Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2021-2024

The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2021-2024 (the plan) is a $5.3 million investment that will deliver new programs to support safe, responsible and sustainable hunting across the state.

Building on the success of the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2016-2020, the new plan has sustainability as its core, to ensure hunting opportunities continue for future generations.

This vision is realised through the delivery of clear and measurable actions that align with the three objectives of:

Hunters will have better access to information, education and training programs to promote safe, responsible and sustainable hunting.


1.1 Provide better access to information – by delivering practical enhancements to the More to Explore app to help improve knowledge about hunting locations.

1.2 Educate and train new hunters – by:

  • developing a new online firearm safety education module
  • starting introductory education sessions for new or aspiring game hunters.

1.3 Enhance hunter education – by developing online video learning modules for game hunters wanting to increase their knowledge of hunting laws, responsible hunting methods and firearm safety.

1.4 Improved animal welfare – by:

  • establishing a working group responsible for developing and implementing a wounding reduction action plan for waterfowl and quail in Victoria
  • developing a wounding reduction action plan for deer.

The social and economic benefits of hunting will be maximised through collaboration and partnerships that promote safe, responsible and sustainable hunting.


2.1 Monitor social and economic benefits – by continuing a study to determine the contribution of hunting to the economy. Studies took place in 2013, 2019 and a further study will be undertaken in 2024.

2.2 Partner with the community to promote safe, responsible and sustainable hunting through a new grant program which will promote innovative new projects that align with the plan.

It is expected that the grant program will include opportunities for:

  • regional and tourism events
  • habitat restoration and conservation projects
  • education and research.

Further information about the grant program will be released in 2022.

2.3 Partner with Traditional Owners – by working with Traditional Owners to deliver the Traditional Owner Game Management Strategy that will build their participation in hunting, land management and conservation.

A strong focus on research and monitoring will continue to support evidence-based decision-making.


3.1 Undertake research, monitoring and evaluation – by:

  • monitoring to measure the success of the Waterfowl Wounding Reduction Action Plan
  • ongoing quail abundance surveying to monitor population trends and ensure the sustainability of quail hunting
  • repeating the hog deer abundance and distribution study
  • conducting deer research that determines the contribution of different types of recreational hunting as a deer control tool both for initial and ongoing deer reduction programs.

3.2 Develop a game duck adaptive harvest management

Framework and strategy – continue this important work by engaging technical experts to provide guidance on the identification of sustainable levels of harvest for reference during development of the harvest framework and strategy in consultation with key stakeholders.

Page last updated: 26 May 2022