Major Theatre, Sporting and Cultural Events

Victoria is home to some of Australia's most iconic sporting, theatre and cultural events. Major events belong to everyone, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy them.

The Major Events Act 2009 protects fans from being ripped off by ticket scalpers and ensures that tickets to major events are available for everyone.

When the government declares an event as a major event, it becomes illegal to sell or advertise for resale tickets for more than 10 per cent above face value.

Amendments were made to the legislation in 2022.  Ticket package sellers are now required to be authorised by the event organiser. People reselling tickets to declared major events will need to provide additional details in their advertisement.

Declared events

The following major events are declared major events and are protected under the Major Events Act 2009.

Current declared major events

Page last updated: 8 April 2024