The Major Event Act 2009 ensures greater protection for the community from ticket scalpers.

Major Events Act 2009

The Major Events Act 2009 replaced the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 to greater protect the community from ticket scalping on 1 June 2018.

Cultural events including theatre events, concerts, gallery exhibitions and festivals are now able to be declared ticketing events under the amended legislation.

The changes to the Act ensure that consumers are given a fair go when purchasing tickets, giving all Victorians the chance to attend major events without being priced out or paying exorbitant costs.

Where the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events declares that an event is protected under the legislation, it is an offence to resell (and/or to advertise for resale) any ticket for more than 10 percent above the face value of the ticket.

Amendments were made to the legislation in 2022.

Ticket package sellers need to be authorised by the event organiser. This will prevent the unauthorised resale of tickets bundled with goods, items or services to declared major events at inflated prices.

People reselling tickets to declared major events will need to provide additional details in their advertisement. Individual tickets advertised to a declared major event to include seating details, the face value price of the ticket and the intended sale price.

For more information on the new amendments to the Major Events Acts 2009, please read the Fact sheet - Major event legislation. Fact-Sheet-Major-Event-Legislation.pdf (PDF 129.87 KB) PDF icon

Page last updated: 31 March 2022