Manufacturing case studies

Innovation on demand: The Victorian 3D printing company speeding up supply chains

: A worker in a SPEE3D workshop reads a handheld device next to an operating 3D printer.

The world’s first expeditionary 3D metal printer weighs 10 tonnes and can build essential metal parts within hours – and it was Made in Victoria.

By expeditionary, we mean you can use it from the middle of a desert or the ocean, an innovation made possible by Melbourne-based company SPEE3D.

Read the story of how these Victorian innovators are speeding up supply chains with their plug-and-print product that doesn’t require any extra parts to function, just a power supply and metal powder.

Beyond smart lighting: The Victorian electronics manufacturer revolutionising industrial connectivity

A Coolon LED light pole in front of a large mine site with light beams connecting buildings and facilities. Coolon LED Lighting, an Australian electronics design and manufacturing company based in Hallam, Victoria launched a new generation of smart lights enabled by Coolon’s award-winning Brilliant Connected Lighting technology.

Made in Victoria, this technology is revolutionising connectivity in high-risk environments like remote mine sites, where concrete structures, electromagnetic interference from large machinery, and lack of traditional connectivity presents challenges to the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Read the story of Coolon’s innovation - the world’s first industrial connectivity network that uses smart lighting as its backbone.

Textron’s world-first uncrewed aircraft are made in Victoria

An Aerosonde Mk. 3 uncrewed aerial vehicle in flight.In 2005, an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) flew for 18 hours through the eye of Hurricane Ophelia on the Eastern seaboard of the USA.

Its mission was to transmit sound and wind data back to ground during the storm, and it did so with a level of fidelity not previously thought possible – the first time in world history that a UAV had survived a hurricane.

Read the story of the Aerosonde Mk. 3, made by a team of Australian engineers in Notting Hill, Victoria.

From Moorabbin to space: How the F-35 is taking Victoria to the world

An F35-A fighter jet in flight.The F-35 is the most advanced fighter jet in the world – renowned as a true embodiment of precision engineering.

But what’s lesser-known is that over 700 of its critical pieces are manufactured in Victoria.

In one of Australia’s most significant aerospace and defence manufacturing projects to date, Marand’s partnerships within Victoria’s incomparable local supply chain  make the F-35 – and a host of other global innovations – possible.

Read the story of the Marand’s partnerships within Victoria’s incomparable local supply chain.

Why Victoria’s supply chain is the place to do business

A worker examining machinery at a carbon fibre manufacturing plant.As manufacturers around the world seek to secure diversified supply chains, local and global manufacturers are turning to Victoria for high quality advanced manufacturing and top-shelf innovation - from aerospace engineering and uncrewed aircraft systems to anodising and ancillary parts.

With the deepest, most diverse and most globally connected supply chain of any state or territory, Victoria is well-placed to meet the needs of local and global manufacturers.

Read the story of why Victoria is well-placed to meet the needs of local and global manufacturers.

Page last updated: 16 November 2023