Hudson Institute of Medical Research: RNAte

Published: 1 February 2024

Person wearing white lab coat and blue gloves looking into a microscope in a lab environmentThe RNAte platform has been developed by the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, based at the Monash Medical Precinct and is receiving funding from Invest Victoria and mRNA Victoria.

The world-first platform is designed to fast-track the development of vaccines and therapeutic treatments by safely testing their effectiveness and side effects.

Hudson Institute’s novel technology can test mRNA/RNA candidate therapeutics and vaccines in pre-clinical and clinical stages of development to predict their efficacy and potential inflammatory side effects, creating the opportunity to fast-track treatment for emerging or existing diseases.

Investing in the RNAte platform protects against future pandemics and diseases as well as providing security for the development of treatments in Australia. This will strengthen the Victorian mRNA manufacturing sector which will soon be the only place in the Southern Hemisphere making mRNA vaccines.

The RNAte platform will also establish a unique and critical capability in Victoria’s mRNA/RNA industry that will attract international biotech customers, boosting sector growth and solidifying the state’s status as a key player in the global mRNA ecosystem.

To learn more, visit: RNAte.