Employment and small business


We focus on jobs and inclusion, working with Victorian businesses to help them start, grow and prosper, create job opportunities and promote an inclusive economy. Working in partnership with local communities and supporting people looking for secure and sustainable jobs in priority sectors, we help to deliver the workforces of the future, and deliver high quality services, information and expert advice.

Jobs Victoria provides targeted support to people who face challenges finding employment. Our free services are focussed on the locations most in need.

Business Victoria helps businesses to plan, start and grow by providing information and assistance, expert business advice and low cost and local skills development training opportunities.

For analysis of the latest trends in the Victorian labour market, visit the Victorian labour force dashboard. This summarises data from previous and current Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force data releases including demographics such as regions, age, sex and industry.

For a summary of the latest trends in Victoria’s economy, visit the Summary of Victorian economic data dashboard.

For details about employment opportunities within the department, visit our Careers page.


Strategies and initiatives

Jobs Victoria services

Jobs Victoria Mentors help people to become work-ready, find a job that suits them, and support them in their role for the first six months.

Jobs Victoria Work and Learning Centres help jobseekers, especially those living in or waiting for public and social housing, to find local training, work experience and jobs. They’re in Fitzroy, North Geelong, Gippsland, Ballarat and Shepparton.

The Youth Employment Scheme provides young people with an opportunity to work in the Victorian Public Service for 12 months while completing accredited training.

Social and microenterprises

The Victorian Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy aims to improve and expand Victoria’s social enterprise sector. The strategy is the first of its kind in Australia and aims to create more inclusive jobs and deliver enhanced economic and social value to the Victorian community.

Business Victoria services

Business Victoria offers a range of tools, grants, programs and support services for Victorian businesses to operate and build business capability, including:

The Business Planning Tool is a free and easy-to-use resource to help Victorian business owners set goals, plan next steps, track progress and learn new skills.

The Event Planner is a guided tool making it easier for small event and festival organisers by providing a centralised information hub with relevant resources and information for running safe and successful events.

The Small Business Support Toolkits Program offers localised workshops, live webinars, one-on-one confidential business advice and self-guided learning opportunities for established and emerging business owners.

The Small Business Bus travels around metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, helping small businesses develop ideas and capabilities. It offers resources and support through various government organisations as well as business assistance from expert advisers and financial business counselling through the Rural Financial Counselling Service.

Workplace wellbeing providing mental health and business wellbeing support for sole traders, small businesses and employees.

Other employment programs

Digital Jobs

The Digital Jobs program aims to build the state’s digital workforce by training and upskilling mid-career Victorians so they can transition into digital careers.


Better Approvals for Business program

The Better Approvals for Business program is part of the Victorian Government’s regulation reform agenda focused on improving planning and other business approvals processes to support economic recovery.

Fair Payments Policy

The Victorian Government's Contracts for fair payments policy has been established to support small and medium businesses by increasing the timeliness and certainty of cash flow. The policy applies to department and agency contracts entered for goods and services, including Works or Construction Services.

Small Business Regulation Review

Business Victoria has reviewed the regulatory burdens placed on small businesses across the state. Cutting red tape for small businesses supports entrepreneurs and helps business grow, contribute to Victoria's economy and generate new employment opportunities. Find out more Small Business Retail Regulation Review.

Grants, awards and scholarships

Business Victoria offers a range of grants and programs to support businesses. To find one for your business, see: Grants and programs.

Divisional owners and entities

Employment and Small Business

The Skills and Employment Group is responsible for Jobs Victoria (including Inclusion and Partnerships).

Small Business Victoria is responsible for Business Victoria and is part of the Industry, Trade and Investment Group.

Victorian Small Business Commission

The Victorian Small Business Commission provides quick, effective, neutral and low-cost mediation services to small businesses.

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