Digital economy

Victoria is home to one of the nation’s leading digital economies, built on the state’s digital infrastructure, research and developments capabilities, technology precincts and talented workforce.

The Digital Strategy 2021-2026

Key outcomes that underpin Victoria’s digital vision:

  • better, fairer, more accessible services
  • a digital-ready public sector
  • a thriving digital economy.

In delivering on these outcomes, we will improve the experience individuals, communities and businesses have with government.

For each outcome, the Digital Strategy identifies 5 key objectives that will help drive the digital experience transformation across the Victorian Government.

A thriving digital economy seeks to attract talent, upskill our communities and businesses, create jobs and bridge the digital divide.

Download the Victorian Government Digital Strategy 2021-2026 to learn more.

The Digital Technology sector

The Victorian Digital Technology Sector Factsheet, released in 2024, is used to understand trends and emerging issues and to guide policy and program development work. It provides key statistics and insights, economic modelling and its contribution to the digital economy.

In 2023, Victoria has one of Australia’s leading digital technology sectors in terms of number of businesses, size of the technology workforce and revenue generated. The sector plays an important role in enabling Victoria’s digital economy, and economic performance across other industries.

Initiatives and investments

Cremorne Digital Hub

The Victorian Government has established a flagship digital hub in Cremorne which will anchor the ongoing development of a global innovation and technology precinct at Cremorne. To find out more, visit Cremorne Digital Hub.

SummerTech LIVE

SummerTech LIVE is a program bridging the digital skills gap for businesses and giving students and recent graduates invaluable on-the-job experience.

To find out more, visit SummerTech LIVE.

Digital Jobs

The Digital Jobs program aims to build the state’s digital workforce by upskilling mid-career Victorians so they can transition into digital careers.

To find out more, visit Digital Jobs

Page last updated: 5 June 2024