Regional development


Regional Development Victoria (RDV) is the Victorian Government’s lead agency responsible for rural and regional economic development across the state.

RDV operates in partnership with regional businesses and communities, and all tiers of government to deliver the Government’s regional development agenda and instigate positive change for rural and regional Victorians.

RDV is focused on enabling businesses to invest to consolidate and grow jobs, strengthen regional economies and enrich the social fabric of Victoria’s regional cities and towns.


Strategies and initiatives

Regional Economic Development Strategies

Victoria's Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS) identify strategic directions to further drive growth and prosperity in regional Victoria. The REDS represent a new direction in Victoria’s regional economic development, recognising that each of region has unique strengths, challenges and opportunities.

The REDS provide a consistent evidence-based framework for each of Victoria's nine Regional Partnership regions. They can be used by all levels of government, regional communities, and businesses to work together, innovate, tackle challenges and make targeted investments to achieve stronger outcomes for their region.

The REDS are also complemented by nine interactive data dashboards, allowing stakeholders to interact with the data, conduct analysis and draw new insights.

Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund (RJIF) supports regional development by investing in growing jobs, building infrastructure and strengthening communities in rural and regional Victoria.

RJIF has three main programs that sit within the fund:

  • Regional Infrastructure Fund
  • Regional Jobs Fund
  • Stronger Regional Communities Program.

Regional Partnerships

There are nine Regional Partnerships across the state that give regional communities greater say about what matters to them and ensure their voices reach the heart of government. Partnerships help to increase collaboration between communities, industry, businesses and government to address the most important challenges and opportunities in each region.

Each Regional Partnership is guided by a diverse group of members drawn from local communities, businesses and the three-tiers of government. They engage with their communities on priorities for their region, which are then presented through to government.

Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a partnership between the Australian, state and territory and local governments to support the growth and development of Australia's regions.

There are six RDA committees in Victoria covering all parts of the state, consisting of Barwon South West, Gippsland, Grampians, Hume, Loddon Mallee and Melbourne.


Victorian GovHubs

GovHubs are revitalising our regional cities with the development of purpose-built employment hubs in Ballarat, Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley. The developments will bring new public service roles to the regions, consolidate existing government staff and a combine a mixture of both.

Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment

The Victorian Government is partnering with the private sector to deliver the Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment, a vibrant commercial, transport and community precinct that includes a new hotel and conference centre with new shopping and dining options.

Geelong City Deal

The $370 million Geelong City Deal brings together all three levels of government with industry, the higher education sector and the community to support Geelong and the Great Ocean Road’s continued economic growth through a range of projects.

Building Works package

The Victorian Government is investing $2.7 billion in the Building Works package to create local jobs across the state as we respond to, and recover from, the coronavirus pandemic.

More than half of these projects are in rural and regional Victoria – from our smallest town to our most famous natural wonders.

Divisional owners and entities

Regional Development Victoria

Regional Development Victoria is the government's lead agency in developing rural and regional Victoria

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