Kardinia Park stage 5 redevelopment video transcript

Published: 13 February 2024

Vision: View of roof panel covered in solar panels being transported to site. Time-lapse photography of roof panel being manoeuvred around the stadium to its location. Aerial view of the Kardinia Park Stadium.

Gerard Griffin - CEO, Kardinia park Stadium Trust:

Stage 5 is the last of the five stages of a complete rebuild of Kardinia Park. We’ve left the best ‘til last with the biggest grandstand to be built on site that brings about 14,000 spots for spectators.

Vision: View of the grandstand and seating.

Gerard Griffin:

There’s some new change rooms, new parent’s room, prayer room, changing places facility as well as new functions rooms, home for Geelong Cricket Club and Geelong Sports Museum.

Vision: Artist’s impression of facilities showing function room inside and out.

Gerard Griffin:

And lastly, the home of the new Barwon Regional Cricket Centre.

Vision: View of the outside and grandstand of the Kardinia Park Stadium. View of the roof panel covered in solar panels being transported. Time-lapse photography of the roof panel being transported around the stadium.

Gerard Griffin:

From a supply point of view you’ve got over 91% local content. I think it’s about 73 cadets and apprentices working up to just over 37,000 hours on site.

Vision: Time-lapse photography of the underside of the roof panel being transported. View of the underside of the stadium roof panels.

Nyah Burrell - Cadet construction management - BESIX Watpac:

I’ve been utilising my skills that I’ve been learning at university here on site, and I’ve also been growing my skill-base which has helped immensely with uni.

Ella McCarthy - Building cadet, contract administration - BESIX Watpac:

Lots of people don’t work on stadiums ever in construction so it’s pretty good to be the first job I’m on is a stadium.

Vision: View of the exterior of the stadium showing the entrance.

Ella McCarthy:

Everyone on site is very helpful and more than happy to answer any questions that I have about site plans or the commercial side.

Vision: Aerial view of the roof panel being manoeuvred around buildings to its final location. View of the interior of the stadium.

Gerard Griffin:

You’ve now got a venue that is fit for the next 50 years to handle all sorts of content and fulfil its multipurpose.

Vision: View of the Geelong Art Gallery and Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre. View of people enjoying a concert outside.

Gerard Griffin:

So when you place this alongside the art centre, when you place this alongside the future Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Geelong is primed to host a whole range of events and products, and be a really strong piece in the visitor economy.

Vision: View of the ferris wheel, boats moored, colourful posts and the new Kardinia Park Stadium.

Text: Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, Melbourne.