The sky’s the limit for the future of sustainable air travel

Published: 17 April 2024

Dovetail Electric Aviation and their ‘Iron Bird’ test rig with hydrogen-electric drivetrain powering a 4-blade propellerAn Australian-first electric aircraft development centre will be established in Gippsland as the Victorian Government backs the growth of our local aviation and clean energy sectors.

Dovetail Electric Aviation’s new development centre has opened in the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct, located at Latrobe Regional Airport.

Creating about 90 highly-skilled new jobs in Victoria over the next 5 years, Dovetail will retrofit regional aircraft with batteries and hydrogen propulsion, enabling zero-emission flights and lessening the environmental impact of air travel.

Dovetail’s development centre will advance local aviation capabilities to transition to clean energy, accelerating Victoria’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045.

Gippsland is emerging as a leader in new technologies and innovations, with the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct – a flexible use Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) launchpad – hosting Dovetail’s development centre.

Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct enables AAM supply chain companies, from start ups to established global companies, to prove and develop their innovations in Victoria.