Upping stumps to lay a foundation for the future

Published: 8 May 2024
Author: Regional Development Victoria

Upgrades to the foundations of the Mirboo North Op Shop have secured the longevity of the building and community fundraising activities.

The phrase 'to up stumps' usually means to give up on something.

But not at the Mirboo North Op Shop.

The shop recently underwent works to remove and replace their old, deteriorated foundation stumps.

The new, stronger foundations have secured the longevity of the building and re-levelled the shop floor, improving safety for volunteers, patrons and community groups.

These works, supported by the Victorian Government's Living Local Fund, have given the building a new lease on life.

Which is great news for the roughly 2,500 people who call Mirboo North home.

As tends to be the case in towns and communities across Victoria, the op shop has become a beloved local feature.

'People are drawn to the op shop for the bargains and the treasure they can find here,' said Karen Anton, Secretary of the Mirboo North Op Shop.

'You will always find something that you didn't know you needed,' she added.

But the appeal of the op shop stems not only from what people can find, but also what they can give.

Like all op shops, the one at Mirboo North is a place where low-cost goods can make their way to the people who need them.

It's a place of generosity and community spirit - a spirit which Karen has seen first-hand.

'Our locals know that they're helping our community,' she said.

'They will bring in a donation, knowing it will ultimately be sold to the benefit of one of our local community groups,' added Karen.

Indeed, the Mirboo North Op Shop supports 25 local community groups with low-cost goods and space to conduct important fundraising activities.

Everyone from local kinder and playgroups to sports clubs, the Country Women's Association, the Lions Club and the RSL have raised funds at the shop.

'Those funds are then used to continue the good works they are doing locally, so it's a win for everyone,' said Karen.

With a safer and more welcoming building that's ready to stand the test of time, the future of the Mirboo North Op Shop is looking bright.

For Karen and the team of volunteers at the shop, it's an opportunity to continue their important work supporting the community.

'It's about making sure everyone prospers,' said Karen.

'Not just here at the op shop, but throughout Mirboo North and the surrounding district.'

For more information about the Victorian Government's Living Local Fund, visit Regional Development Victoria.