Economic and social value of Victoria's international education

As Victoria’s largest services export, international education is vital to the future economic and social prosperity of Victoria and a source of future employment for Victorians.

Victoria's world-class universities, dual-sector institutions, TAFEs and independent education and training providers drive Victoria’s position as a global leader in education, recognised for quality, innovation and inclusion.

Growing global demand for education services currently sees around 6 million tertiary students studying outside of their country of citizenship. Victoria's worldwide reputation for quality, innovation and an exceptional student experience places the state in a strong position to capitalise on these demands.

Victoria's largest services export

International education has been Victoria's largest services export industry for over a decade.

  • In 2023, the sector generated $14.8 billion in export revenue.
  • International education contributed around 63,000 jobs to the Victorian economy in 2023.
  • Victoria had a 29% share of total Australian enrolments in 2023

Strong alumni networks

Victoria’s international student alumni go on to become economic, political and cultural leaders. Victoria’s strong international alumni network enables lasting and meaningful connections between alumni and Victoria, which supports Victoria’s international connectedness, global research development, trade and business links.

First rate student experience

Victoria's coordinated approach to student support and cultural engagement are attractive propositions for international students, parents, governments and industry.

In 2024, QS Best Student Cities awarded Melbourne as Australia's best student city 2025 and the fifth best in the world. Key features such as Victoria's vibrant multicultural society and social inclusion attracted over 235,000 international students from 175 countries to Victoria in 2023.

A knowledge state

Victoria is Australia's most educated state, producing highly skilled professionals who connect and promote our institutions on a global scale:

Page last updated: 3 July 2024