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Victoria’s history of innovation

Victoria has a long and proud history of innovation.

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Our innovators are responsible for some of the world’s major advances in technology, medicine, manufacturing and science.

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Innovation is the key to solving our greatest challenges, creating new industries and building a brighter future for all Victorians.

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Victoria’s story of innovation is one that started long ago…

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In one of the earliest known examples of innovation, the Gunditjmara people developed an aquaculture technique to ensure a year-round supply of eels at Budj Bim - 6000 years ago.

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Many of our extraordinary innovations have shaped our lives and made their mark around the world, such as…

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The first mechanical refrigeration plant.

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The first electric drill.

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And the very first feature length film - The Story of the Kelly Gang.

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Then, there’s our nation’s favourite spread, Vegemite.

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The Black Box Flight Recorder.

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And the essential set of tradie wheels - the ute.

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All Victorian inventions - and these are just a few.

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We are a global leader in health and medical research…

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… with a track record of breakthroughs that have and continue to improve and save lives.

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In 1978, the first cochlear implant was invented.

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In 1981, an antivenom for funnel web spider bites was developed

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In 1984, the first baby was born from a frozen embryo.

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More recently, in 1996, Victorian innovators developed the pioneering influenza treatment, Relenza.

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And in 2017, the anti-cancer drug with Melbourne origins, Venetoclax, was used for the first time to treat patients with blood cancer.

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Today, we are building our mRNA manufacturing capability so we can develop new life-saving vaccines and medicines, right here in Victoria.

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And that’s not all. We’re at the forefront of innovation across many fields…

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Our creative industries continue to blossom thanks to innovation.

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Did you know that Victorians transformed filmmaking back in 1990? The Cineon Digital Film Workstation is the basis of all video editing software today.

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Our thriving startup sector is one of the fastest growing in the world and home to several startups valued at more than $1 billion.

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Our state boasts two thirds of Australia’s sports tech businesses and one third of EdTech businesses.

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Our world-class capabilities in advanced manufacturing continue to attract major global companies to Victoria, boosting our economy and creating local jobs.

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And we’re transforming our agricultural industry with the adoption of digital technology and pursuing new frontiers in research at our regional SmartFarms.

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Innovation is driving thousands of Victorian scientists, researchers, product developers, business owners and creatives every day.

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So, what will the next decade bring? We know innovation is the key to overcoming our greatest challenges.

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And we know that for big ideas to flourish, we need to support creative environments.

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That means investing in industries such as education, life sciences, agriculture, transport and renewable energy …

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Commercialising our cutting-edge research and innovations...

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Developing new technologies, harnessing the sectors of the future…

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And nurturing our talent so the next generation has everything they need to take their ideas to the world.

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Excited about what’s next? Victoria’s future is bright.

We are an innovation powerhouse – responsive, inclusive, and thinking ahead.

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Page last updated: 20 July 2023