I am looking for guidance on economic assessment for a particular purpose

I am looking guidance on economic assessment for a particular purpose

This tool will help you work out the appropriate economic assessment approach required for your particular purpose, whether that be assessing government investments, undertaking evaluations or developing policy.

As you step through the questions on each page, you will be directed to generic guidance as well as the appropriate Victorian Government guidelines.


What is the purpose of the economic assessment?


Business case: A business case outlines the rationale for a proposed initiative. It includes a definition of the problem or need, the objective, options for addressing the problem and the expected costs and benefits of each option.

Regulation/legislation: Legislation is law passed through Acts of Parliament. Regulations are a form of subordinate legislation that dictate how provisions of an Act are to apply.

Evaluation: Evaluation is an assessment of an activity's appropriateness, efficiency or effectiveness.

Grants: Grants are government funds provided to individuals or organisations for a specified purpose.

Policy development: Policy development is the process of analysing and developing options for the delivery of government policies and programs.

Page last updated: 10 March 2020