The economic assessment information portal

Economic assessment is the process of estimating and comparing the expected costs and benefits of a proposal, policy or regulation. The main purpose for undertaking an economic assessment is to ensure governments make the best use of taxpayers' funds and generate maximum benefit for society.

Economic assessment is commonly used in:

  • The development and assessment of policy options, and in the preparation of business cases
  • The development of regulation and legislation
  • The evaluation of projects and programs after implementation
  • The preparation of grant applications
  • General policy development.

This Information Portal provides easy access to guidance on how to undertake an economic assessment. Whether you are assessing policy options, preparing a Regulatory Impact Statement or undertaking an evaluation, the information provided here should answer questions such as:

  • Which assessment method should I use?
  • What is the appropriate discount rate?
  • Should I seek to quantify or monetise non-market impacts?
  • How should I communicate the results to decision makers?

Information is provided for the most commonly used economic assessments methods.

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Page last updated: 5 March 2020