Our agenda

Over the past 20 years, Victoria has developed a globally competitive research and innovation ecosystem which has enabled some of the nation’s, and the world’s, innovative ideas and businesses to succeed.

We’re now seizing the moment with an ambitious plan that will shape our future and keep Victoria at the forefront of innovation, creating jobs now and for generations to come.

Innovation Statement

Our Innovation Statement sets out the Victorian Government’s innovation agenda with six clear actions that will propel Victoria forward.

  1. Capitalising on our research and innovation potential

    We will invest in Victoria’s world-class research and innovation capabilities, and in translating outcomes into commercial opportunities. This will help grow our key industries and create new jobs, preparing us to tackle the big challenges of the future.

  2. Developing our talent

    We will create wide-ranging opportunities for Victorians to upskill, reskill and develop new skills in fields such as medical research, digital, creative technologies, entrepreneurship and agtech so they can thrive in our economy, now and in the future.

  3. Cultivating our startup ecosystem

    We will continue to grow our startup ecosystem to rival the world’s leading startup locations, supported by local venture capital, creating more homegrown tech success stories and exciting jobs for Victorians.

  4. Growing our innovation precincts

    We will support the development of key business and innovation precincts, where research institutions, businesses, accelerators, and startups can connect and collaborate.

  5. Taking Victorian innovation to the world

    We will continue to connect Victorian businesses to global supply chains, pursue opportunities to engage with world-leading innovators, and boost international investment in Victoria.

  6. Delivering innovative services for Victorians

    We will lead by example, embracing innovation in Victorian Government operations, service delivery and infrastructure, and putting people at the centre of everything we do.

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Victorian Government investments

The Victorian Government is making larger and more impactful investments in innovation than ever before because we know it is the key to overcoming our greatest challenges and creating new opportunities for Victorians.

The Victorian Government’s $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund will bridge the gap between discovery and commercialisation by investing in innovations that turn research into new products and services, ultimately accelerating economic growth and creating more high-value jobs for Victorians.

Learn more about how the Breakthrough Victoria Fund will lead research and innovation across the state

Australian Institute of Infectious Disease – $440 million to support the development of a facility for a consortium of world-leading research institutes.

COVID-19 research – $16.5 million to support development of treatments and responses to address the immediate, medium and long-term impacts of COVID-19.

Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance – $36 million to support and expand Victoria’s genomics data and technology systems, to help bridge the gap between research innovation and healthcare reality.

mRNA manufacturing – $50 million to fast-track mRNA vaccine and therapeutics manufacturing in Victoria.

MedTech manufacturing centre – $20 million to put Victoria at the forefront of medical technology, innovation and design.

Learn more about Victoria’s world-class health and medical research sector

Cremorne Digital Hub – $12 million to establish a flagship digital hub and accelerate Cremorne’s development as a global innovation and technology precinct.

Connecting Victoria – $550 million to fast-track better mobile coverage and broadband across the state.

Learn more about how digital technologies are driving Victoria into the future

Digital Innovation Futures Victoria (DIF) – DIF’s annual Digital Innovation Festival showcases our local tech sector, promotes innovation, and encourages businesses and individuals to make a difference through digital technologies. Explore the DIF online event hub for free access to online events and information

Agriculture Strategy -  More than $160 million to support a new strategy for agriculture in Victoria, with a key focus on modernisation through the development of innovative farming techniques and agtech.

Learn more about our innovative agriculture industry

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Energy Innovation Fund is providing more than $100 million to support the commercialisation of innovative, emerging renewable energy technologies in Victoria.

Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre – Part of our $515 million investment to transform Victoria’s waste and recycling system through innovation, this new centre will accelerate the shift to a circular and climate-resilient economy.

Learn more about how the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is working to secure a sustainable future for Victoria

Manufacturing and Industry Development Fund – $60 million investment to build Victoria’s sovereign manufacturing capability by supporting Victorian businesses in key growth sectors across the state.

Defence industry package – $5.4 million to secure roles in delivering major defence contracts through advocacy, advisory and capability development activities.

Learn more about how the Victorian manufacturing industry is evolving

VICSCREEN – $191.5 million invested in a new screen strategy, including training in innovative digital sectors such as visual effects, games and animation.

Creative State 25 – $288 million invested in the next creative industries strategy, designed to secure jobs and reassert Victoria’s position as the creative and innovative state.

Learn more about Victoria’s exciting cultural and creative economy

LaunchVic – $110 million to deliver the following programs and funds:

  • The Alice Anderson Fund – a $10 million fund that co-invests in women-led startups with private sector investors.
  • LaunchVic Accelerate – $40 million to support high potential startups to survive and grow.
  • Victorian Startup Capital Fund – a $60 million Fund of Funds designed to grow Victoria’s early-stage VC sector and to inject more capital into the early-stage venture capital landscape.

The Venture Growth Fund – $25.75 million over four years will see the Victorian Government co-investing with institution investors to give high growth startups access to the capital they need to expand their business and create new jobs.

Victorian Business Growth Fund – $250 million over 10 years to support small and medium businesses with long-term growth prospects.

Learn more about Victoria’s thriving startup ecosystem

Innovative services for Victorians

We’re leading by example, embracing innovation in Victorian Government operations, service delivery and infrastructure. Our mission is to make everyday life and doing business easier for all Victorians, with modern and responsive digital services.

$67 million to make it simpler and easier for Victorians to get things done online with the Victorian Government. Learn more

$515 million over 10 years to transform our waste and recycling system, including through the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre. This investment will support our transition to a circular economy. Learn more

A world-leading testbed for new technology, tasked with leading innovation, providing access for emerging technology firms to develop solutions, and demonstrating the value of new technology to Victoria’s construction industry. Learn more

The Victorian Government is supporting the adoption of Zero Emissions Vehicles in Victoria through its roadmap, supported by a $100 million package which includes a roll-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and trials for zero emissions public transport buses. Learn more

$51 million to bolster Victoria’s cyber security – including harnessing opportunities for Victoria to collaborate across government, industry and the community to support local cyber businesses, and developing a dynamic and competitive cyber sector underpinned by innovation and jobs growth. Learn more

The Victorian Government is investing $35.2 million in digital twin technology – digital representation of a real-world object or system – rich 3D and 4D spatial data, artificial intelligence and sensor data to help Victoria plan for a liveable, sustainable and resilient future. Learn more

$7 million investment to put data back in the hands of Victorians and Victorian businesses. The program will help individuals and businesses make informed decisions and partner with government in developing community-based solutions to public policy challenges. Learn more

Connecting government with startups to design better services for Victorians. Since 2018, the CivVic program has supported 38 Victorian startups looking to unlock government as a customer. Learn more

Upgrading the Government’s digital public consultation platform, which has already attracted thousands of contributions on critical reforms such the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. Learn more

Page last updated: 6 December 2021