Charging up more electric vehicles in Victoria

Published: 10 October 2022

JET Charge, a local electric vehicle (EV) charging company is expanding its operations in the Fishermans Bend precinct and growing its charging network across the state.

Established in Melbourne in 2013, JET Charge is Australia’s leading provider of EV charging infrastructure and technologies, helping to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

The project will secure JET Charge’s future growth in Victoria, enabling the company to increase its research and development, and boost production of its nation-leading hardware and software

It will also create 73 high-skill jobs including in electronics, engineering and logistics.

JET Charge operates across Australia and New Zealand and is the preferred charging infrastructure provider for 24 EV brands, as well as leading property developers and energy companies. The company has already installed more than 10,000 charging stations across Australia.

As global and national demand for new EVs increases, so does the need for charging infrastructure, creating opportunities for industry leaders like JET Charge and increasing Victoria’s competitiveness in the emerging sector.

JET Charge joins a list of major firms including Boeing and Siemens to be based in the Fishermans Bend precinct - the biggest urban renewal project in Australia and a growing hub for advanced manufacturing and engineering.