Haunted Hills Mountain Bike Park video transcript

Published: 1 January 2024

[Nicholas King, Gippsland MTB Inc Member]

The cycling community is huge in Gippsland.

We've got people coming from all over Victoria.

Stage two of the Haunted Hills Bike Park was $1 million investment from the Victorian Government.

It's extended our trails to 25 kilometres.

We've got a bike wash, we've got a repair station and we've got a shed for all of our volunteer equipment so we can maintain those trails and keep them in world-class condition.

[Dom Keating, Gippsland MTB Inc President]

I think it's a great park for the community.

We've got the toilet block, we've got barbecues all year round and great car park area, asphalted.

A bit more of a undercover area getting built in the near future.

[Darren Spiteri, Avid Cyclist]

It's really handy having a repair station and that's got all the tools we need for the kids bikes, up to grownup bikes.

Even had a little barbie over there, and yeah, it's really good and get your skills going and good for the region.

[Nicholas King, Gippsland MTB Inc Member]

This is an amazing investment from the Victorian government.

It just really brings joy to my heart to see people out there enjoying it, riding a bike and having a great time.