International Education Recovery Plan 2025

Published: 6 September 2022

Victoria’s strong position as a world class education partner and study destination is being backed by a new plan to support international education recovery and attract the best global talent.

Victoria’s International Education Recovery Plan 2025 outlines the government’s vision for the sector and its future resilience, including initiatives that will position Victoria as a leader in education excellence, student experience and graduate outcomes.

Backed by almost $53 million in funding, the plan highlights the worldwide opportunities and connections that Victoria’s international education sector offers – including through the expansion of the government’s global education network to 19 locations worldwide, with extra resources in Colombia, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Melbourne is Australia’s best student city and Victorians play a key role in making international students feel welcome and accepted. The plan proposes to do this through community partnerships and programs empowering women, the LGBTIQ+ communities and people of all colour, faiths and abilities.

The plan also proposes a collective investment in education innovation and technology to ensure the sector can adapt to future shifts in teaching and learning demands.

The international education sector contributes significantly to Victoria’s economy and communities. Victoria currently hosts more than 105,000 student visa holders, including from top source countries China, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Malaysia.

For more information on Victoria’s International Education Recovery Plan 2025, visit: Study Melbourne.