Leap into quantum technologies to drive discoveries, jobs

Published: 15 February 2023

Victoria's reputation as a global player in the quantum technologies sector continues to grow, as the Victorian Government invests in an innovative Australian business leading the way in the emerging field.

Breakthrough Victoria has made an $8 million investment in Quantum Brilliance, as part of its push to establish the state as a global player in the rapidly evolving quantum technologies sector.

Quantum computing is technology that allows problems too complex for normal computers to be solved. It typically requires a fixed set up in temperatures below freezing, making it difficult for the technology to be used in portable devices.

The technology is well suited for use in real world situations like medical imaging, satellite technology and robotics – putting Victoria as a global leader in this transformative technology.

Victoria is one of the few jurisdictions in the world investing heavily in quantum computing research and potential discoveries could lead to significant jobs growth in the cutting-edge industry.

Founded by scientists at Australian National University in 2019, Quantum Brilliance has developed the world’s first portable quantum computer that operates at room temperature. The company uses the crystalline structure of diamonds as an insulator against noise and temperature, allowing for more advanced computing.

The investment in Quantum Brilliance will support the company to expand its Melbourne operations and its extensive research partnerships with several Victorian universities, including plans for base fabrication and advanced manufacturing in Victoria as the company grows.

This is Breakthrough Victoria’s second investment into the sector and its first in an Australian business, following a $29 million investment in US-based global quantum leader Infleqtion in October 2022.