Supporting new medtech innovation

Published: 15 September 2022

Regional clinicians, researchers and manufacturers will benefit from a new acceleration program through a partnership between the University of Melbourne and Bendigo Health.

It follows successful partnerships led by the University of Melbourne with Western Health and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and is the first time the program the program has been expanded to regional Victoria.

Successful projects from these partnerships led to the creation of the ‘McMonty by MediHood’, a personal ventilator hood for hospital beds and the ‘Stroke Rapid Diagnostic Test’, a tool that allows paramedics and clinicians to determine the cause of a stroke and to rapidly administer treatment.

The program is supported through the Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre, and will support projects that can scale up quickly and are led by clinical needs.

It works by bringing together teams including clinicians, researchers, engineers and manufacturers to identify and support potential medtech projects across the hospital and will be fully run by Bendigo Health after 12 months.

Monash University has also received support from the same initiative to pilot its Medtech Commercialisation Advancement Program which will accelerate commercialisation of clinician-led medtech products, closing the gap between prototype and manufacture.

For more information, visit the Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre.