Video transcript - Firefly 2023

Published: 1 January 2024

Descriptive transcript of Wyndham City Council – Firefly Festival

(Upbeat music plays throughout the video.)

A large, lit up phoenix in red and green.

Three female Indian dancers dressed in traditional attire are smiling at the camera.

A performer is playing with a light stick.

Two kids are jumping and are excited at the grounds.

A young girl poses in front of angel wings made from lights.

Text saying ‘Firefly Night Market’ appears over a concert stage background.

A young performer wearing a cape shaped like glowing wings is flapping her arms elegantly.

A big crowd watches on as two ballerinas, both encased in their own stage bubble, perform.

The lit-up phoenix lantern is on display from different angles.

A girl poses in front of a light display as her father takes a picture of her.

Two stilt-walkers in lit up costumes walk around each other.

A performer dressed in an elaborate red costume prepares to light up a ring that is raised on a stake. She lights it up in front a big audience.

Scenes of people walking around and exploring market stalls.

Scenes of different market stalls selling various products, there are serving boards, jewellery, aromatherapy oils, marshmallows, and waist beads on sale.

Scenes of food sold at the market, there is a man making chai, waffle batter poured into a grill, donuts filled with cream, a young girl is biting into fairy floss.

More food is on display, there is a shop selling Afghan Bolani. There is a close shot of dumplings in a takeaway box.

The fire embers from hot charcoal are flying up into the air, and skewered meat is being grilled. More cooked meat is on display, with steam wafting into the air.

A halal snack pack is being prepared as garlic sauce is being drizzled on top of some meat and chips.

A young boy is putting a chocolate dipped churro into his mouth.

A bowl of rice is being topped off with pieces of chicken. A man is receiving his tornado potato from the truck store vendor.

A man with a sparkly suit jacket is speaking into a microphone on stage. Scenes of different performers come on, the same man in the jacket is standing beside another person and they are addressing the crowd.

Four female Indian dancers perform on stage. It shows the dancers from afar, then up close. They are waving their arms and one of them flicks her hair.

Pacific Islander dancers are now on stage. There are two men dancing while in a low squat. Two women take the stage dressed in traditional Pasifika attire and are swaying their hips.

A hip hop dancer does an impressive backflip, then three hip hop dancers are dancing together in a straight line.

A large group of people are watching the performers. A mother dances with her young child.

A performer is smiling and swinging light sticks in an impressive manner. She is joined by another dancer who has a cape that is designed to look like feathered wings that are colourfully lit up.

A fire dancer is now performing and does impressive movements as she swings rods of fire around her. We see her move from different angles.

We see the fire dancer striking a pose, with her back facing the camera.

The image fades out to a blue screen.

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