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[Title: Victoria: A creative state]

The place we now call Victoria has been a creative hub for thousands of years since our First Peoples shaped the land with stories and art.

The State Library Victoria was one of the world's first public libraries and the National Gallery of Victoria, opened in 1861, was Australia's first public art museum. It was followed soon after by galleries in Ballarat, Bendigo, Warrnambool and Geelong, expanding all over Victoria.

In 1906 Victoria gave the world ts first feature film. In 1982 Australia's first video game was made in Melbourne. Victorians also created plastic money, the KeepCup, the ute, the baby capsule and stackhats. Even ice cubes were invented here.

The creative industries contribute almost $23 billion to the Victorian economy each year. That's enough to rival the manufacturing industry. And a lot more than construction and agriculture.

What's more, the creative economy is growing at 4.1 percent per annum, which is nearly double the rate of the rest of our economy.

The creative industries fuel over 220,000 full time jobs, which is 8 percent of Victoria's employment sector, and attract around a billion dollars a year in cultural tourism.

But creativity is about more than just money.

Creative projects enhance self esteem, keep us healthy, help us to learn and to understand different perspectives, and to connect with each other.

Creativity makes us happy.

Did you know that more people watch live music in Melbourne than go to the footy? That more Victorians go to the cinema each year than own a car? And that 94 percent of Victorians get involved in creative experiences every year because creativity is an essential part of our story.

Creativity is who we are, where we came from and where we're going.

That's why Victoria is the Creative State.

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