Learning and development

We support our people to grow, develop and learn with us. We provide learning and development opportunities to help you perform in your role and achieve your career aspirations. If you want  to study you can also apply for financial assistance and additional leave for approved courses.


Formal and informal inductions are in place to ensure you will feel welcome, know your way around and have the information you need to start working with us.

People managers

We recognise that our people managers have the greatest influence and impact on staff engagement, effort, conduct and performance. We give people managers  tool kits, training opportunities and information to help them develop the skills, confidence and practices to guide and empower their staff and perform at their best.

Performance development and planning

We support and encourage our people to achieve their work and career objectives through clearly defined roles, development opportunities and performance targets, as part of our annual performance and development planning process. Several times a year you will meet formally with your manager to discuss how you're both performing.


Being coached or mentored can help you continually improve your performance. We provide information, tools, resources and training on both coaching and mentoring to help our people perform at their best.

International opportunities

With 20 overseas Victorian Business Offices, there are opportunities for international assignments where you can increase your capability and learn new things.

Professional memberships

We encourage staff to join professional associations that provide professional development opportunities, programs, seminars or events.

Page last updated: 3 July 2024