Department's organisation chart

The organisation chart shows our Ministers and executive-level staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department, effective 1 January 2023.

Minister Ben Carroll

  • Minister for Industry and Innovation
  • Minister for Manufacturing Sovereignty
  • Minister for Employment
  • DJSIR Coordinating Minister

Minister Gayle Tierney

  • Minister for Training and Skills
  • Minister for Higher Education

Minister Tim Pallas

  • Minister for Trade and Investment

Minister Steve Dimopoulos

  • Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events
  • Minister for Creative Industries

Minister Ros Spence

  • Minister for Community Sport
  • Minister for Suburban Development

Minister Jacinta Allan

  • Minister for Commonwealth Games Delivery

Minister Harriet Shing

  • Minister for Regional Development
  • Minister for Commonwealth Games Legacy

Minister Sonya Kilkenny

  • Minister for Outdoor Recreation

Minister Natalie Suleyman

  • Minister for Small Business


Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

A/Secretary, Penelope McKay

Aboriginal Economic Development

Associate Deputy Secretary, Hans Bokelund

Strategic Communications

Chief Communications Officer, Julia Scott

Invest Victoria

Chief Executive Officer, Danni Jarrett

Global Victoria

Chief Executive Officer, Gönül Serbest

Creative Victoria

Chief Executive Officer, Claire Febey

Office of the Commonwealth Games

Chief Executive Officer, Allen Garner


Industry and Innovation

Deputy Secretary, David Latina

  • Industry Development and Manufacturing Sovereignty, Associate Deputy Secretary, Nanette Fitzgerald
  • Innovation and Technology, Executive Director, Connie Crisafi
  • Telecommunications and Digital Economy, Executive Director, Chris Dowling
  • Business Investment and Engagement, Executive Director, Hugh Moor
  • Defence, Aviation and Aerospace, Executive Director, Unni Menon
  • Policy, Talent and Migration, Executive Director, Robyn White
  • mRNA Victoria, Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kapel


Employment and Small Business

Deputy Secretary, Lisa Buckingham

  • Business Operations and Digital Services, Executive Director, Brad Petry
  • Employment Policy and Strategy, Executive Director, Laura Trengove

Jobs Victoria

  • Workforce Delivery, Executive Director, Kirsten Campbell
  • Employment Services, Executive Director, Sharn Enzinger
  • Inclusion and Partnerships, Executive Director, Jeremy Levine

Small Business Victoria

  • Executive Director, Ylva Carosone


Regional and Suburban Development

Deputy Secretary, Beth Jones

Regional Development Victoria

  • Chief Executive Officer, Beth Jones
  • Executive Director, Regions, Anthony Schinck

Regional Policy and Strategy

Executive Director, Maxine Loynd

Latrobe Valley Authority

Chief Executive Officer, Chris Buckingham

Geelong and Great Ocean Road Major Projects

Executive Director, Paul Roth

Office for Suburban Development

Executive Director, Joel Backwell

Emergency Coordination and Resilience

Executive Director, Rachaele May

Outdoor Recreation



Training, Skills and Higher Education

Deputy Secretary, Lill Healy

  • Adult, Community and Further Education, Executive Director, Jeanette Nagorcka
  • Policy And Strategy, Executive Director, Teresa Fels
  • Training Market Services, Executive Director, Ryan Collins
  • Economic Recovery, Associate Deputy Secretary, Meena Naidu
  • Higher Education and Workforce, Executive Director, Jane Ward
  • Apprenticeships Victoria, Executive Director, Cameron Baker
  • Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery, Chief Executive Officer, Xavier Csar
  • TAFE Partnership and Governance, Executive Director, Susan Thomas
  • TAFE Service Delivery, Executive Director, David Miller
  • Victorian Skills Authority, Chief Executive Officer, Craig Robertson


Sport, Tourism and Events

Deputy Secretary, Peter Betson

  • Community Sport, Executive Director, Georgina McCann
  • Sport Economy and Infrastructure, Executive Director, Luke Mason
  • Tourism and Events Strategy and Reform, Executive Director, Natalie Phillips


Strategy and Priority Projects

Deputy Secretary, Cam Nolan

  • Priority Projects, Directors, Amit Golder and Caitlyn Hammond
  • Economic Policy, Director, Graeme Maddern
  • Data and Analytics, Director, Cheng Yang
  • Design and Evaluation, Director, Sue Heistein
  • Social Services Workforce Reform, Director Maxie Porter-Heubeck / Kate Phillips


Corporate Services

A/Deputy Secretary – Melinda Knapp

  • People and Culture, Executive Director, Annie Reeves
  • Investment and Procurement, A/Executive Director, Daniel Rodger
  • Information Services, Executive Director, Cassandra Highfield
  • Legal and Legislation, A/Executive Director and General Counsel Jonathan Ciullo
  • Financial and Property Services, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Corrinne Boucherat
  • Performance and Governance, Executive Director, Kim McGinnes
  • Delivery, Executive Director, Mark Wiggins
  • Program Centre, Executive Director, Ajay Satyan


Please note: A full list of DJSIR entities and Commissioners will be available in January 2023.

Page last updated: 29 December 2022