Department's organisation chart

The organisation chart shows our Ministers and executive-level staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

Minister Natalie Hutchins

  • Minister for Jobs and Industry
  • DJSIR Coordinating Minister

Minister Colin Brooks

  • Minister for Creative Industries

Minister Ben Carroll

  • Minister for Medical Research

Minister Steve Dimopoulos

  • Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events
  • Minister for Outdoor Recreation

Minister Tim Pallas

  • Minister for Economic Growth

Minister Ros Spence

  • Minister for Community Sport

Minister Natalie Suleyman

  • Minister for Small Business

Minister Gayle Tierney

  • Minister for Skills and TAFE
  • Minister for Regional Development

Minister Vicki Ward

  • Minister for Employment

Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

Secretary, Tim Ada

Industry, Trade and Investment

Deputy Secretary, Danni Jarrett

  • Industry Development and Manufacturing Sovereignty, Associate Deputy Secretary, Nanette Fitzgerald
  • Innovation and Technology, Executive Director, Connie Crisafi
  • Business Investment and Engagement, Executive Director, Hugh Moor
  • Defence, Aviation and Aerospace, Executive Director, Unni Menon
  • Policy, Talent and Migration, Executive Director, Robyn White
  • Small Business Victoria, Executive Director, Ylva Carosone
  • mRNA Victoria, Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kapel
  • Global Victoria, Acting Executive Director, Fiona Letos
  • 8 Commissioners for Victoria^
  • Invest Victoria, Chief Executive Officer, Danni Jarrett*
    • Investment, Executive Director, Craig Harrison
    • CarbonNet, Executive Director, Donna Findlay
    • Investment Services, Executive Director, Daniel Bisignano

Skills and Employment

Deputy Secretary, Lill Healy

  • Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery, Chief Executive Officer, Xavier Csar
    • TAFE Partnership and Governance, Executive Director, Susan Thomas
    • TAFE Service Delivery, Executive Director, David Miller
  • Economic Recovery, Associate Deputy Secretary, Meena Naidu
    • Higher Education and Workforce, Executive Director, Jane Ward
    • Apprenticeships Victoria, Executive Director, James Montgomery
  • Adult, Community and Further Education, Acting Executive Director, Georgina Lyell
  • Policy And Strategy, Executive Director, Teresa Fels
  • Training Market Services, Executive Director, Ryan Collins
  • Employment, Executive Director, Laura Trengove
  • Victorian Skills Authority, Chief Executive Officer, Craig Robertson*
    • Deputy Chief Executive, Lee-Anne Fisher

Sport and Experience Economy

Deputy Secretary, Peter Betson

  • Community Sport, Executive Director, Georgina McCann
  • Strategic Infrastructure and Sport Economy, Executive Director, Luke Mason
  • Tourism and Events Strategy and Reform, Executive Director, Natalie Phillips
  • Tourism Infrastructure and Priority Projects, Executive Director, Adrian Browne
  • Infrastructure Delivery, Chief, Brad Ostermeyer
  • Creative Victoria, Chief Executive Officer, Claire Febey*
    • Deputy Chief Executive, Max Coffman
    • Creative Industries, Executive Director, Sam Strong

Regional and Suburban Development

Deputy Secretary, Beth Jones

  • Regional Development Victoria
    • Chief Executive Officer, Beth Jones
    • Executive Director, Regions, Anthony Schinck
  • Regional Policy and Strategy, Executive Director, Jeremy Levine
  • Office for Suburban Development, Executive Director, Joel Backwell
  • Emergency Management and Outdoor Recreation, Executive Director, Rachaele May
  • Cross Border Commissioner, Luke Wilson
  • Legal, Policy and Partnerships, Chief, Sally Fensling
  • Governance and Coordination, Executive Director, David Burns
  • Latrobe Valley Authority, Chief Executive Officer, Chris Buckingham*

Economic Policy, Projects and Coordination

Deputy Secretary, Julian Lyngcoln

  • Aboriginal Economic Development, Associate Deputy Secretary, Hans Bokelund
  • Delivery Coordination, Executive Director, Mark Wiggins
  • Priority Projects, Director, Caitlyn Hammond
  • Economic Policy, Director, Graeme Maddern
  • Data and Analytics, Director, Cheng Yang
  • Design and Evaluation, Director, Sue Heistein
  • Social Services Workforce Reform, Director Maxie Porter-Heubeck / Kate Phillips

Corporate Services

Deputy Secretary, Heather Ridley

  • Strategic Communications, Chief Communications Officer, Julia Scott
  • People and Culture, Executive Director, Annie Reeves
  • Investment and Procurement, Executive Director, Daniel Rodger
  • Information Services, Executive Director, Cassandra Highfield
  • Legal and Legislation, Executive Director and General Counsel Jonathan Ciullo
  • Financial and Property Services, Acting Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Rodger
  • Performance and Governance, Executive Director, Kim McGinnes
  • Commonwealth Games Transition, Acting Executive Director, Leonie Hatch

* These roles report directly to the Secretary
^ For details of the Commissioners see:

Page last updated: 2 October 2023