Department's organisation chart

The organisation chart shows our ministers, deputy secretaries and others and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

Minister Natalie Hutchins

  • Minister for Jobs and Industry
  • DJSIR Coordinating Minister

Minister Colin Brooks

  • Minister for Creative Industries

Minister Ben Carroll

  • Minister for Medical Research

Minister Steve Dimopoulos

  • Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events
  • Minister for Outdoor Recreation

Minister Tim Pallas

  • Minister for Economic Growth

Minister Ros Spence

  • Minister for Community Sport

Minister Natalie Suleyman

  • Minister for Small Business

Minister Gayle Tierney

  • Minister for Skills and TAFE
  • Minister for Regional Development

Minister Vicki Ward

  • Minister for Employment

Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

Secretary, Tim Ada

Regional Development and Outdoor Recreation

Deputy Secretary, Beth Jones **

    Executive Director Anthony Schinck

    Cross Border Commissioner
    Brett Davis

    Emergency Management and Outdoor Recreation
    Executive Director Rachaele May

    Place based Strategy, Insights and Coordination
    Executive Director Jeremy Levine

    Priority Projects and Business Performance
    Executive Director David Burns

Skills and Employment

Deputy Secretary, Lill Healy

    Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery
    Chief Executive Officer Xavier Csar

    TAFE Partnerships and Implementation
    Executive Director Susan Thomas

    TAFE Service Delivery
    A/Executive Director David Miller

    Apprenticeships Victoria
    Executive Director James Montgomery

    Policy and Strategy
    Executive Director Teresa Fels

    Training Operations and Assurance
    Executive Director Ryan Collins

    Executive Director Laura Trengove

    Adult, Community and Further Education, Higher Education and Workforce
    Executive Director Laura Lo Bianco-Smith

    Strategic Skills Projects
    A/Executive Director Joseph Lawrence

Sport and Experience Economy

Deputy Secretary, Peter Betson

    Community Sport and Recreation
    A/Executive Director Philip Saikaly

    Strategic Infrastructure and Sport Economy
    Executive Director Luke Mason

    Policy and Coordination
    Director vacant

    Tourism and Events Strategy and Reform
    A/Executive Director Penelope Guadagnuolo

    Tourism Infrastructure and Entities
    Executive Director Adrian Browne

Industry, Trade and Investment ^

Deputy Secretary, Danni Jarrett *

    Industry Development and Manufacturing Sovereignty
    Executive Director Nanette Fitzgerald

    Program and Engagement Delivery
    Executive Director Anthony Sherry

    Medical Research, Innovation and Technology
    Executive Director Connie Crisafi

    Investment and Engagement
    Executive Director Brad Ostermeyer

    Defence, Aviation and Aerospace
    Executive Director, Teresa Tufano

    Policy, Strategy, Talent and Migration
    Executive Director Robyn White

    Small Business Victoria
    Ylva Carosone

    mRNA Victoria
    A/Chief Executive Officer Phoebe Dunn

    Trade, Global Engagement and International Education
    Executive Director Fiona Letos

    Executive Director Donna Findlay

    Industry, Trade and Investment Services
    Executive Director Daniel Bisignano

    Office of the Lead Scientist
    Lead Scientist Amanda Caples

Economic Policy, Projects and Coordination

Deputy Secretary, Julian Lyngcoln

    Aboriginal Economic Development
    Associate Deputy Secretary Hans Bokelund

    Delivery Coordination
    A/Executive Director Megan Smart

    Priority Projects
    Director Caitlyn Hammond

    Economic Policy
    Director Graeme Maddern

    Data and Analytics
    Director Cheng Yang

    Design and Evaluation
    Director Sue Heistein

    Social Services Workforce Reform
    Directors Kate Phillips and Maxie Porter-Heubeck

Corporate Services

Deputy Secretary, Heather Ridley

    Strategic Communications
    Chief Communications Officer Jacqui Berry

    People and Culture
    Executive Director Annie Reeves

    Finance, Investment and Procurement
    Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director Daniel Rodger

    Information Technology and Workplace Services
    Executive Director Cassandra Highfield

    Legal and Legislation
    A/General Counsel and Executive Director Chris Jones

    Strategy, Performance and Governance
    Executive Director Kim McGinnes

    A/Executive Director Leonie Hatch

Latrobe Valley Authority

Chief Executive Officer Chris Buckingham

Victorian Skills Authority

Chief Executive Officer Craig Robertson

Creative Victoria

Chief Executive Claire Febey

Invest Victoria

Chief Executive Officer Danni Jarrett

* Also Chief Executive Officer of Invest Victoria
** Also Chief Executive Officer of Regional Development Victoria
^ 7 Commissioners for Victoria report to this group. Visit for further details.

Page last updated: 16 April 2024