The Hon Philip Dalidakis MP - travel report - Japan 18-23 July 2016

Minister The Hon. Philip Dalidakis MP
Portfolio Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade
Countries visited Japan
Date of travel 18 - 23 July 2016
No. of official travel days 6
Number of accompanying ministerial staff 1
Accompanied by spouse in an official capacity No
Funding for the overseas trip was paid by (list department/s or agency) Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Air fares $7,361.80*
Accommodation $5,522.38*
Other expenses (includes surface travel and travel allowances) $5,568.71*
Travel cost for minister and staff $18,452.89*

*The above costs are not final and complete

Purpose of travel

The purpose of my travel to Japan was to facilitate trade and investment opportunities with a particular focus on digital technologies. This included accessing Japanese Government and industry at the highest levels to explore benchmarking and collaborative opportunities in the areas of cyber security and the digital games sector.

The visit was also an opportunity to promote the Victorian Government's role in hosting of the Annual Australia Japan Joint Business (AAJJB) Conference to be held in Melbourne from 9 to 11 October and to offer any further support.

Events and meetings with investors and Victorian companies with representation in Japan provided an opportunity to strengthen our relationships and show our appreciation of their contribution to Victoria's economic development.

My travel included a visit to Nagoya to reaffirm our long standing relationships with the Aichi Prefectural Government and Toyota. Victoria has a valued sister state relationship with Aichi Prefecture, active since 1980.

My program was also important in paving the way for a visit by the Premier to Japan in the near future.

Benefits of travel to the State of Victoria

  • Opening dialogue with key government and industry bodies on collaboration in cyber security and digital games
  • Strengthened relationships with key Japanese investors
  • Advocacy for the AAJJB Conference to be held in Melbourne between 9 and 11 October 2016.

Key meetings

At a meeting with the Japan Australia Business Cooperation Committee (JABCC) regarding the upcoming AAJJB Conference in Melbourne, I offered our support in facilitating this conference. We also discussed ideas for the plenary sessions of the conference and in particular the session on Emerging Opportunities and the areas of cyber security and advanced ICT.

I met with senior staff at the Australian Embassy where we discussed the Australia Japan relationship and opportunities under the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) and the Trans Pacific Partnership. There was also discussion on commercialisation possibilities for hydrogen and carbon capture.

Meetings were held with the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) and the Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) to discuss the Japanese government's cyber security framework and policy for working across government and with industry. This was also an opportunity for me to discuss developments in cyber security in Victoria and promote Victoria's Oceania Cyber Security Centre. It was noted that an Australia Japan Cyber Policy Dialogue at a federal level will take place on 2 August.

NEC is a major Japanese investor in the State of Victoria. At a meeting with their Head Office I discussed with NEC their digital security measures including facial recognition for sporting facilities and stadiums in Victoria. There was also discussion on NEC's smart city project which they are running in international markets such as in Singapore, Hong Kong and Argentina.

I had several meetings during my visit with senior officials of the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry and the trade agency, the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) where discussions included progress in trade under JAEPA, cyber security policy, the hydrogen chain project and a potential trade mission to Australia early next year.

At a meeting with Kaiteki Fresh, who have recently invested in an advanced hydroponic vegetable growing facility in Victoria, I offered the Victorian Government's support in assisting Kaiteki to access export markets.

I also met with Toshiba during my visit where they expressed interest in more information on Victoria's tram project. I also took the opportunity to thank them for their support and participation in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress to be held in Melbourne from 10-15 October 2016 and invited them to visit the Oceania Cyber Security Centre in the future.

At a meeting with Wing Arc 1st I was briefed on their business plan to internationalise their platform by partnering in Australia for English localisation and adaptation.

During my trip I met with the CEO of GUMI who is also both head and mentor for the Tokyo Virtual Reality Startup Incubator. This was an opportunity to learn about Japanese startups and discuss virtual reality in the context of the games industry. I used the meeting to encourage visitation to Melbourne International Games Week to be held in early November.

My final visit was to Aichi Prefecture where I met with the Aichi Prefecture Government and Toyota.

At my meeting with Vice-Governor Morioka of the Aichi Government we discussed both last year's visit to Victoria and building cultural and education exchanges going forward. We also discussed planning for a visit by the Chubu Association of Corporate Executives to Victoria in mid-October 2016.The visit to Toyota was to express the Government's appreciation of Toyota's commitment to Victoria, to offer support for any future business areas Toyota wishes to explore in Victoria in the future and to welcome representatives to the AAJJB Conference and the ITS World Congress in October.

Next steps / Follow up

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs and Transport to follow up with following companies and agencies:

  • NISC and IPA to be provided with updates on the Oceania Cyber Security Centre and invited to visit the Centre in the future
  • Australian Embassy to provide the Victorian Government with a summary of developments at the Australia Japan Cyber Policy Dialogue post the meeting in August
  • NEC Australia to be contacted regarding digital security for sporting facilities in Victoria
  • Kaiteki to be provided with advice on available programs to support the company in an R&D project to improve productivity
  • Toshiba to be provided with information on Victoria's policy for trams
  • Wing Arc 1st to receive assistance during their visit to Victoria in August.

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