Video transcript: Messages from the social enterprise sector

Messages from the social enterprise sector

[Slide: The Victorian Government acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present]

[Slide: Victoria State Government - Victorian Social Enterprise Strategy 2021-2025]

Miranda Sharp, Melbourne Farmers Market

I’m really excited about the new social enterprise strategy because it puts a validity about the social enterprise community and what we’re all trying to achieve.

Bec Scott, STREAT

[Vision: People dancing]

Social enterprises are the type of organisations that embed social and environmental justice right into the DNA of their business models.

Sue Boyce, Ability Works

[Vision: Lady working in the garden tending plants]

Through innovation and entrepreneurship we fill gaps in the community not traditionally filled by the public and private sector.

Ariana Evans, Outlook Australia

We provide opportunities for people to live, work and play, and build their confidence, and be better people.

Deborah Bogenhuber, Food Next Door Coop

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Making our world a kinder place, a more understanding and more inclusive place.

Joel Hanna, Big Little Brush

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Social enterprises are the best kind of business to help us move from our current economy to one that is both more sustainable, but also more inclusive.

Tegan Davies, Oranges Toolkit

And we know from the research, consumers are becoming more aware when it comes to choosing ethical brands, and good services that have a positive social impact.

Sue Boyce, Ability Works

I’m excited about the new social enterprise strategy as it’s seeking to do things like provide innovative financing for social enterprise, open doors across the state and local governments.

Rob Brown, Fruit2Work

[Vision: Staff member from Fruit2Work loading van]

The pandemic has proven that the power of collaboration in this sector is really powerful and it’s great to see the strategy follow and supporting us and going forward.

Matt Pfahlert, ACRE

The strategy talks about capacity building in business fields, which is exactly what communities often need to build out the networks, knowhow and knowledge they need to do it themselves.

Caitlin Mountford, Fitted for Work

We’ll further increase our capabilities, connections, exposure and access to opportunities to generate even greater positive impacts.

Joel Hanna, Big Little Brush

To build and develop a much more robust, much more inclusive employment model.

Johanna Reilly, Kinfold

Better opportunities for desperate social enterprises to support and elevate each other.

Bec Scott, STREAT

This time round there’s a maturing of the work that we’ve done.

[Vision: Man watering garden and tending plants]

There’s also a whole heap of silver linings I think that come out of the pandemic that allow us to move from kind of working as individual enterprises, to connected and collaborating enterprises that can form a bigger network and fabric for this state going forward.

Tegan Davies, Oranges Toolkit

So if Victorians are more aware of social enterprise ecosystems they’re going to be more likely to choose to use their own buying power in a way that benefits our society, our culture and our environment.

Jen Sheridan, Open Food Network Australia

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And you can’t help but be excited for what’s to come when reading this strategy, you know, both in terms of the flow and impacts for this sector, but then the flow and impacts for in turn for communities and the environment.

Julie McKay, Enable Australia

We’re all geared up to contribute to a future with a more collaborative social procurement and capturing the result in collective impact, including how we’re delivering is the bigger picture the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Rob Rees, Cultivating Community

Collectively our impact makes a difference to solving all of those wicked problems.

Nick Savaidis, Etiko

[Vision: Clothes hanging on racks at Etiko, lady serving customer at the markets]

With the government sectors and social enterprises working together we can create a better Victoria and a better world.

Miranda Sharp, Melbourne Farmers Market

So there’s a win-win along the way and we feel fantastic about being one of the connectors.

[Slide: Victoria State Government. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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